Be it increasing sales of a bank or improving the customer experience of a restaurant, our case studies have time and again proven the effectiveness of our assessment tools in impacting industry's talent quality.

Here is an insight into those proven numbers:

  • 25%
    Graduates are capable
    of applying concepts to
    solve real world problems.
    Graduates are not
    employable in the
    knowledge economy.
    Employable graduates
    lie outside top
    30% colleges.
    Aspiring Minds research reveals that less than a quarter graduates are capable of understanding basic concepts of Finance and Accounting.
    The employability of graduates varies across sectors. However, a big proportion of graduates between 35 to 60% are not employable in any sector of the knowledge economy.
    Despite being employable, a good 40-70% graduates have no means to showcase their employability to corporations.
  • 1-5%
    Employability of trained
    graduates in certain roles
    in high-end technology.
    A tier-3 student with
    equal merit as a tier-1
    student, has 24% lower
    odds to get a job!
    Less than 20%
    engineers are employable
    for software jobs!
    In certain job roles like high end technology, employability of trained graduates is in single digits (1-5%).
    This can be attributed to the current entry-level hiring practices, where companies only visit certain high-ranking colleges for their hiring program.
    Lack of adequate domain knowledge is one of the key reasons for low employability in core job roles in both software and non-software domains.

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