Team Outing 2015

Team Outing

Bir-Billing: An adventure spot that is among the lesser known hill stations located in Himachal Pradesh. While you have the option of enjoying the usual adventure activities like river crossing, trekking, rappelling, this place is more famous for paragliding. The Bir-Billing area is a popular site for paraglider pilots, both Indians and visitors from all over the world. The flying season is from September to October, with some flying also done in November. India bid to host the Paragliding World Cup and won because of the sound infrastructure that was set up at Bir-Billing (at 2290 mts in Himachal Pradesh) for the paragliding pre-World Cup-2013.  A group of AM employees from across teams explored this tourist destination. They had a fun time staying in tents, sitting around the bonfire, and jumping off the cliff to experience the paragliding ride from a height of 1000 metres. Word of caution: It took 16 hours to cover the distance of 500 km. Advice to others: Leave early, say around 7-8 PM in order to reach early in the morning and choose to go by volvo rather than own traveller or car as they are faster than own conveyance.  November. India bid to host the Paragliding World Cup and won because of the sound infrastructure that was set up at Bir-Billing (at 2290 mts in Himachal Pradesh) for the paragliding pre-World Cup-2013.


Live Screening- World Cup Semi Finals India Vs Australia 2015

Live Screening- World Cup Semi Finals India Vs Australia

With the ongoing world cup buzz, our AM campus also got hit by the cricket fever. We held live screening of the high-voltage Word Cup Semifinals between India and Australia in our Gurgaon campus.

Team Activity-Content Development 2015

Team Activity-Content Development

The content team had a gala time in a two day team building workshop held on April 1 and 3, 2015. The team was divided into four groups which competed against each other. The two day event had a mix of physical games, mind games, quizzes and case studies. The activities involved planning, problem solving, creative thinking, teamwork and coordination apart from use of physical ability. The games included Blindfold Maze, Bollywood Teacher, Adjective Game, Caterpillar Race, Awareness Circle, Team Golf and Roll the ball. The workshop concluded with a self introspection session and detailed discussion on what were the key take-aways from the event. The event helped people to know each other beyond work, strengthen bonds within the team, improve coordination, promote trust among the team members and uphold values of integrity and unity. Take a sneak peek into the activities below.

Aspiring Minds Premier League March 2015

Aspiring Minds Premier League

Aspiring Minds Premier League- A much awaited cricket tournament was organized at BPIT, Rohini. Apart from cricket, there were other sports too which grabbed the attention of the participants. A high level of participation was there and everyone enjoyed the yummy snacks and lunch along with the games.

AM Annual Party 2015

Annual Party 2015

The much-awaited get together for all the employees of AM happened at Mapple Emerald this year.  A very well planned event made everyone enjoy to the core. The combination of good food & DJ took away all the attention and made it a success. As per the ritual, the voting was done for various categories and certificates were awarded to the winners at the party.

Newsletter Quiz Winners June 2015

Newsletter Quiz Winners

A quiz was conducted on our very first edition of Newsletter. We observed a high level of participation and chose top 5 winners. The winners are from Content Development & R&D team namely, Neha Jhamb, Vishal Venugopal, Mohit Arora, Rushal Singh Arora & Karan Luthra. All of them were awarded with Cadbury celebrations.

Team Outing-Software Development June 2015

Team Outing-Software Development

Our software development team had gone for a fun weekend road trip to Kasauli, Shimla & Solan. Along with exploring scenic beauty, they also did adventurous activities like trekking in Hills, Rock climbing, Rappelling, Valley Crossing and Burma Bridge. It took around 7 hours to cover a distance of 315km. Advice to others: Better to leave at night to reach early morning.


Rappelling: Also known as abseiling is the controlled descent of a vertical drop, such as a rock face, using a rope. Climbers use this technique when a cliff or slope is too steep and/or dangerous to descend without protection. Rescue teams are also known for using this method as a way to access injured or stranded victims. The safety equipments required for this activity includes- climbing harness, boots, knee pads, ropes, anchors, helmets, gloves.

Burma Bridge: The Burma rope bridge is the classic rope walking activity for the thrill seekers. It involves a thick rope on the base to walk upon, and then two ropes on the sides to hold on to as this bridge stretches across an area. This is the group activity which requires safety equipments and experienced guides.

New Joinees Welcome Party-Content Development June 2015

New Joinees Welcome Party-Content Development

Recently the content team threw a party to welcome its ten new joiners. The whole team played an ice breaker game called Two truths and a lie. At the end of it, the team members got to know a lot about each other – their aspirations, likes, pet peeves, childhood mischief and a lot about their true selves. Here is a picture that shows the five generations of the AM content team (2011-2015).

Team Party- Client Servicing May 2015

Team Party-Client Servicing!!!

The Servicing (Corp & SME) & AMCAT Support team went out for cocktail dinner party to Liquor Warehouse, Gurgaon on 22nd May’15. 20 people attended the get together; it turned out to be a great team building event & stress reliever for the team after a hectic working spree. The team enjoyed the delicacies being served and danced to the tunes together giving the team spirit a new high.

Kaleidoscope June 2015

Re-introduced after a long time, we did movie screening of Apollo 13 in both Gurgaon offices. This Hollywood drama is based on the events of the Apollo 13 lunar mission. It was a part of surprise social event, wherein snacks were also arranged. It happened to be a great show.