We are thankful to the national and international media who have regularly recognized and supported Aspiring Minds efforts towards employability and efforts to create a level playing field for all.

The big fat employability problem - Mint

New Delhi, December 21, 2015: Himanshu Aggarwal in conversation with Mint on the issue of unemployability that continues to affect the Indian job scenario

Startup hiring goes beyond tech based roles - The Times of India

New Delhi, December 06, 2015: The Times of India covered a recent study conducted by Aspiring Minds’ on start-up hiring across the country.

Varun writes for Dataquest on HR mechanisms powered by data science

December 01, 2015: Varun talks about how data science and predictive analytics can help build better hiring mechanisms for enterprises.

Aspiring Minds is ​now a case study at​ the prestigious Harvard Business School​

November, 2015: Aspiring Minds has been introduced as a case study at Harvard Business School. The study talk​s​ about ​AM's​ journey since inception and the unique business model which is today addressing unemployability globally.

Aspiring Minds widens its vocational skill certification network with 250 more centres - Financial Express

New Delhi, November 23, 2015: Aspiring Minds adds another 250+ assessment centres to take vocational certifications closer to the youth in India.

Aspiring minds partners with Ringier Tanzania to begin operations in Africa - Business Insider

New Delhi, October 27, 2015: Aspiring Minds has today announced its partnership with Tanzania’s largest classifieds and businessdirectory Zoom Tanzania to make hiring in Africa more efficient. 

Aspiring Minds opens submissions for multi-million dollar Edtech fund

October 20, 2015: The education and employment space is today witnessing massive interest from the government, businesses and citizens alike since it holds great potential in India’s transition to a knowledge economy.

Aspiring Minds sets up $1M fund to invest in startups - ET

New Delhi, October 16, 2015: In a bid to foster innovation in the education and recruitment sector, Aspiring Minds has announced the launch of a multi-million dollar fund to seed investments in the education technology and employment technology start-ups.

Aspiring Minds announces second list of colleges for National Employability Awards 2016

New Delhi, September 30, 2015: Aspiring Minds has announced the second list of colleges to be awarded the National Employability Award 2016 for being among the Top 10% engineering campuses nationally or in their respective state.

B - Schools honing public speaking skills of students - ET

Mumbai, September 25, 2015: Lack of effective communication skills is one of the major contributors to low emloyability. B - Schools are now taking up the challenge to fix this gap with clubs, workshops and courses being integrated to prepare students for the corporate world.