We are thankful to the national and international media who have regularly recognized and supported Aspiring Minds efforts towards employability and efforts to create a level playing field for all.

Himanshu Aggarwal shares his views and projections in career360's top B school issue

Jan, 2011: Careers360 talks to Himanshu Aggarwal, Director, Aspiring Minds, for its special issue on India's top B school, regarding current recruitment scenario and its trends for coming time in India.

Start-ups struggle in race for talent: Economic Times

Dec 15, 2010 Wed: Economic Times talks to Himanshu Aggarwal, Director, Aspiring Minds, regarding challenges faced by small companies in attracting talent which can range from the business model being untested, minimal support systems, modest salaries without perks etc.

Aspiring Minds study on how women fair against men: NIE, Chennai

Nov 23, 2010 Tue: The New Indian Express, Chennai edition, recent covers study by Aspiring Minds which shows that women are the better perfomers at computer programming and english than men. Now the question arises, will it lead to the change in the ratio of men and women employed in the IT industry?

Varun writes for MINT: "Signalling talent: Search for the right employees"

Nov 17, 2010 Wed: Rightsizing - Varun Aggarwal, founder and director, Aspiring Minds recently in a piece for Mint (a financial daily from Hindustan Times) cites inability of employers to identify right candidates for jobs as a critical problem plaguing employers now especially in the IT/ITes sector.

Aspiring Minds study an eye opener - Companies missing on a majority of talent

Tier II colleges have a large employable talent pool for the IT/ITes sector. A recent study by Aspiring Minds shows that a good percentage of students in Tier II colleges are industry ready - its time companies reached out to them The same was endorsed extensively by National Media including Economic Times, Business Week, ...

G.I.T.A students take the AMCAT: The Statesman

Bhubaneswar, Sep 28, 2010: As the placement season has started, students at Gandhi Intitute for Technological Advancement, Bhubaneswar get ready to get their dream jobs. On 25th September, more than 350 students has tested their skill in various modules of AMCAT.

Students at SIET Allahabad take the AMCAT: Hindustan Times

Allahabad, Sep 19, 2010: As the placement season draws near, students at Shambhunath Institute of Engineering & Technology, Allahabad gear up to get their dream jobs. On 18th and 19th September, over 500 students of the college appeared for AMCAT (Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test), India's Largest Employability Test,

IIT Kanpur endorses AMCAT: All IIT Kanpur 4th year students participate in AMCAT

Kanpur, Sep 12, 2010: IIT Kanpur tied up with Aspiring Minds to assess employability skills. On 11th and 12th September, over 400 B.Tech. students of IIT, Kanpur appeared for AMCAT (Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test), India's Largest Employability Test,...

The Hindu Business Line: "Employability Redefined"

Sep 13, 2010: The Hindu Business Line covers Aspiring Minds and AMCAT, its flagship assessment, which uses statistical benchmarking and job-matching algorithms for assessing students.

Aspiring Minds delve deep into the 'soul of India' to tap talent

Sep 14, 2010: DNA, Mumbai's leading newspaper covers how Aspiring Minds help candidates to match their skill sets with job openings using a mechanism called AMCAT. AMCAT assess the cognitive skills, personality and domain skills of a candidate and are invited for job interviews where their profile is a fit.

Aspiring Minds latest Employability Report gets coverage across National media

National media like The Economic Times, The Times of India and Hindustan Times among others extensively cover Aspiring Minds employability report. The articles talk about percentage of engineers that are employable in different sectors like IT, ITeS, KPO etc.

Prof. Tarun Khanna talk about Aspiring Minds filling an important institutional void

Aug 23, 2010: Prof. Tarun Khanna talks about how assessement mechanism created by Aspiring Minds break down the institutional barriers between the companies that demand talent and all the people who would like to get a job and are often qualified to get one.

Economic Times endorses report on recruitment in North-East India

Economic Times, Kolkata covers Aspiring Minds' large scale activity across North East. It also features how Aspiring Minds is helping fresh graduates in getting jobs to far off regions- Mitigating the Barriers created by geography and language. 

Varun Aggarwal featured in MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review featured Varun Aggarwal who talks about India's first employability test, AMCAT (Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test) as a solution to the lack of any process to identify employable graduates. AMCAT assesses aptitudes, personality traits, and industry-specific skills to judge the employment suitability as per the cultural sensibilities and business requirements of India. 

Varun Aggarwal talks about "On Equal Footing" in The Tribune

Tribune featured an article written by Varun Aggarwal of Aspiring Minds who says that denying the chance of an interview to a candidate on the basis of the institution from he passed out is unfair and it is the time to weed out this bias.

Aspiring Minds in Forbes India

Prof. Tarun Khanna, Harvard Business School, recognized as "The Finest Minds on the Planet" by Forbes magazine, talks about Aspiring Minds in his article in Forbes. He talks about how Aspiring Minds is helping solve the serious problem of "bringing talent into the mainstream".

Aspiring Minds 2011 AMCAT event gets wide coverage

Aspiring Minds successful event in Ambala Engineering College, Punjab on 19th May 2010 gets wide coverage across newspapers. It says students are now going towards their self assessment to get better career opportunities by taking the AMCAT test.

Aspiring Minds in Wall Street Journal

May 12, 2010: Aspiring Minds, a Delhi-based employment exchange that uses technology to scout out good prospects from thousands of institutes of higher education and match them with companies who are looking to hire thousands of employees a year. We are in the business of economic inclusion.

Business Today - Matching Aspirations

Business Today in its May 2010 edition featured Aspiring Minds AMCAT saying that earlier Recruiting Companies were wasting time and money looking for ‘Employable’ candidates among the millions of graduates. But now this AMCAT is helping the companies in fulfilling their needs. 

Business Today features Prof. Tarun Khanna’s new book ‘Winning in Emerging Markets’

The best way to select emerging markets to exploit is to evaluate their size or growth potential, right? Not according to Tarun Khanna and Krishna Palepu. In Winning in Emerging Markets, these leading scholars on the subject present a decidedly different framework for making this crucial choice. 

Business Standard - Engg College Students not industry-ready

Business Standard on 15th March’10 featured Aspiring Minds Employability Report in IT/ITeS. This report was based on the results of AMCAT test – conducted for more than 40,000 engineering and MCA students(in final year) in over 12 states.

The Economist: The Engineering Gap

The Economist featured Aspiring Minds in an article on January 28th 2010, which draws from Aspiring Minds’ skill assessment report based on standardized assessment (AMCAT) of more than 40,000 technical graduates across India. The report is first of its kinds wherein employability

ET NOW Coverage on Aspiring Minds’ AMCAT Test

ET Now (Economic Times Now) recently featured Aspiring Minds. The coverage includes Aspiring Minds core concept, some of its tools and interaction with its clients.

Aspiring Minds’ now among NASSCOM’s most Innovative List

Aspiring Minds is one of the 6 finalists at NASSCOM’s Innovation Awards 2009 in the Startup Category.

Business Week features ‘Aspiring Minds’ in top 25 most intriguing startups

Business Week Magazine, one of the world’s leading business publications has featured ‘Aspiring Minds’ in its list of 25 most Intriguing Startups worldwide. Aspiring Minds is the only company to have been featured from India in this list of 25 selected companies. The list was released on the 12th of November 2009.

Ascent Times of India - Assessing Aspirants Amicably

Times of India’s Ascent on 28th October 09 featured an article saying that Assessment Tests these days are gaining huge momentum in organisations because they need to have good employees aboard who fit the organisational culture and their role perfectly are top priorities.

Hindustan Nai Dishayein - Aspiring Minds’ AMCAT in Jagannath University

Dainik Hindustan Nai Dishayein featured Aspiring Minds for conducting Jagannath University’s online exam JUNEE 2009, which gives flexibility to students for online registration and giving test at their preferred location.

Times of India Education Times - Students Evaluated

Times of India’s Education Times on 26th October 09 covered Aspiring Minds’ AMCAT event held in BIMTECH saying that this test assesses student’s skills in various areas and provide feedback to students about their skills, strengths and weaknesses and detailed guidance on how to improve their employability.

English Daily Statesman: Employment made easy

English Daily Statesman on 20th October 09 featured Aspiring Minds’ Computer Adaptive Test saying that, its mission is to provide feedback to students about their skills, strengths and weaknesses and detailed guidance on how to improve their employability chances.

EFYTIMES.COM: Key To Ensuring Growth Is To Adapt To Market Dynamics

EFYTimes.com featuring an article on Aspiring Minds. In a conversation with itmagz.com, Himanshu Aggarwal, director, Aspiring Minds (AM), shares details on the strategies that the company has adopted to keep up its scorching pace of growth, while controlling unnecessary expenditure.

Tribune: Assessing talent for job aspirants, employers

Tribune featured an interview with Aspiring Minds’ Varun Aggarwal on 14th October 09 who tells that conducting highly standardised, multi-disciplinary tests requires a great deal of preparation, persistant efforts and skill upgradation. 

Hindustan Nai Dishayein: Aspiring Minds’ AMCAT goes International

Dainik Hindustan Nai Dishayein featured Aspiring Minds on 14th October 09 for the AMCAT test conducted in IMT, Dubai for 2010 batch MBA students.

Dainik Jagran’s Jagran City: Varun’s Aspiring Minds is a hope for educated unemployed

Dainik Jagran’s Jagran City featured Aspiring Minds’ Varun Aggarwal on 9th October 09 and speaks about the Aspiring Minds and Varun’s message to youth. 

English Daily Statesman: Passage to Total Employment

English Daily Statesman on 2nd October 09 featured Aspiring Minds’ co–founder Himanshu Aggarwal’s thoughts on the ways and means to crack the ‘inclusive development’ puzzle

Deccan Herald: Helping students bridge Bharat–India Divide

Deccan Herald on 1st October 09 featured Aspiring Minds’ Director’s opinion on why multi–dimensional skill assessment of graduates ensure that students from all regions, metros or small towns are judged on the same platform by potential employers.

Aspiring Minds’ featured prominently in PEOPLE MATTERS edition September–October 2009

Aspiring Minds has augumented scientific assessment with an innovative large-scale sourcing model analogous to a GRE–for–job concepts.

Hindustan Nai Dishayein: AMCAT held in SURAT

Aspiring Minds featured in Hindustan Nai Dishayein on 30th September'09 for the AMCAT held in NSIT, SURAT

EFYTIMES.COM: AMCAT – An ‘Intelligent’ Talent Assessment Tool

efytimes.com featuring an article on Aspiring Minds’ Amcat on 29th September saying that AMCAT is a test that fresh graduates can take up, any time of the year, to get an assessment of how their skills compare against those required for different jobs in the market.

Education Times: Aptitude Test

Education Times covered Aspiring Minds for its AMCAT held in NSIT, Surat

Hindustan: Campus Placement

Hindustan featured an article on 26th September 09 saying that now–a–days corporates are changing their campus selection process and moving towards the employability test.

Hindustan: AMCAT in CSE

Hindustan covered AMCAT held in College of Science and Engineering(CSE), Jhansi

NavBharat Times: AMCAT

Aspiring Minds’ AMCAT featured in NavBharat Times on 21st September 09

Hindustan: Students taking interest in Self Assessment Program

Hindustan featured Aspiring Minds on 13th September 09 mentioning that Students are now going towards their self assessment to get better career opportunities

Pioneer Avenues: AMCAT Conducted

Pioneer Avenues covered Aspiring Minds on 9th September 09 for the AMCAT event Conducted in DIAS

Hindustan Nai Dishayein: Aspiring Minds’ AMCAT Test

Hindustan Nai Dishayein featured Aspiring Minds on 9th September 09 for the AMCAT Test held in DIAS and says that it is getting popular among students as well as corporate.

Hindustan Nai Dishayein: AMCAT Employability Test

Hindustan Nai Dishayein featured Aspiring Minds’ AMCAT on 26th August'09 saying that it is India’s first employability test which assesses students and helps them to get better employment opportunities.

Hindustan Times Shine: Employability Test Launched

Hindustan Times Shine featured Aspiring Minds’ AMCAT on 18th August'09 and says that it helps corporates to find the right talent from across the country.

Lokvani: In Conversation With Varun Aggarwal

Lokvani featured an article on 13th May showing conversation with Aspiring Minds’ Varun Aggarwal

Aspiring Minds’ AMCAT is now India’s largest Employability Test

Aspiring Minds launched India’s first employability test, AMCAT (Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test) for helping corporate find the ‘right’ talent from across the country in an inclusive and scalable manner. This nation-wide assessment test provides statistically-valid multi-dimensional skill assessment to judge the employment suitability...

AMCAT conducted at multiple NITs

Aspiring Minds' flagship assessment AMCAT has been conducted at multiple NITs through out the country. Over 2000 students across multiple NITs (National Institute of Technology) formerly RECs (Regional Engineering Colleges) have been assessed on a 3 hour AMCAT test in 5 different modules. Aspiring Minds will be helping the students ...


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