We are thankful to the national and international media who have regularly recognized and supported Aspiring Minds efforts towards employability and efforts to create a level playing field for all.

Hindu Business Line discusses Aspiring Minds' global plans

New Delhi, November 21, 2014: Aspiring Minds has been expanding globally across multiple geographies. In a conversation with Himanshu Aggarwal, Hindu Business Line talks about the global business...

Lack of quality education continues to pinch India - The Economist

New Delhi, November 20, 2014: While India continues to boast of its demographic dividend, the reality that continues to prick the nation is that a very large part of India still lacks quality education and hence is in due course unemployable.

Inside Higher Ed features Aspiring Minds' venture in the US

November 14, 2014: Need for assessing job readiness of workers is being increasingly felt not only by India but by the developed nations like US as well. Coveted higher education magazine....

The widening skill gap: a concern - Mint

New Delhi, November 06, 2014: Acute dearth of skilled manpower has been widely talked about now. Mint explores the situation in depth with inputs from the industry. Himanshu shares his views on the situation...

ET talks about Aspiring Minds' potential fund raising plans

New Delhi, November 04, 2014: As Aspiring Minds is expanding overseas across multiple geographies and continents, ET talks about its plans of raising another round of funds to meet its global expansion plans.

New Indian Express features Himanshu Aggarwal's AM story

Bangalore, October 25, 2014: The New Indian Express carries out Himanshu Aggarwal's story on how he and his brother conceptualized the idea of Aspiring Minds and their journey so far.

The shadowed talent existing in lower city tiers: BS

Kolkata, October 22, 2014: Campus hiring season is up again and students get ready to enter the corporate world. However, great talent in the lower tiers of cities still continue to remain hidden from companies who visit only the creme layer of institutions. BS investigates the issue further taking NER as the backdrop.

Bad hires prove more costly for startups - ET

Mumbai, October 10, 2014: Hiring issues are proving to be costlier sins for startups as against their MNC counterparts. ET digs into the situation and speaks to Varun about the issues startups face and how intelligent assessments...

The continued gap between education and employment

October 08, 2014: The education employment gap has been a matter of concern for the nation now. IBNlive features an author's views on the divide taking into concern disturbing facts from Aspiring Minds' National Employability Report-2014.

Has India really been able to reap its demographic dividend? CNBC

Singapore, September 18, 2014: In the year 2020, an average Indian will be just 29 years old, visibly young than almost any other nation in the globe.