With over 500,000 individuals taking the assessment every month across 15 countries, AMCAT has already established itself as a global standard for employability.

The current employment scenario is evolving and so are the expectations of the companies from you. With these evolving needs, measuring the employability becomes critical to understanding where you stand and where you are headed in your career.

Today, companies receive thousands of resumes each day with one not really different from the other. Which is why, showcasing all your skills & abilities in a credible way is of utmost importance. AMCAT is an intelligent, automated evaluation of your employability - a global standard used by millions of candidates every year. A comprehensive measure of language, aptitude, behaviour and hundreds of work skills, AMCAT gives you a detailed understanding of your employability. It goes beyond and provides industry recognized credentials and connects you to opportunities from across the spectrum. What’s more, AMCAT is used by over 2,000 corporations across 4 continents giving it an unprecedented credibility as compared to other assessments. Its feedback report is also based on global norms and helps you in understanding your strengths and weaknesses. It further connects you to leading organizations with jobs meeting your profile and guides you to the right ways to improve your employability.

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