Aspiring Minds launches Skill Map U.S. 2016

Aspiring Minds recently released the Skill Map U.S. 2016, the first of its kind interactive platform to find what job skills are in most demand and pay the most.  There are various information gaps in the U.S. labor market. One such gap is the lack of knowledge of the demand for skills required by the industry in various states. Both job seekers and institutions can benefit from knowing which skills are in highest demand and which skill command the highest return. In order to bridge the gap, Aspiring Minds devised the map by analysing more than 4 million job openings and matched them with some 200 job skill sets, spanning cognitive and soft skills across hundreds of industries.


Some of the key findings of the report include:

1. The most sought-after skills and traits nationwide are research, analytics and teamwork. Sociability, as well as calmness under pressure, also are highly valued.

2. The most lucrative specialties in the U.S. are medicine, followed by architecture, software engineering, computer science and energy engineering.

3. Software engineering and analytical skills are in highest demand and earn the highest pay in East and West Coast technology hubs.

4. Data scientists are most likely to find appropriate work in California, while New York is the best place to locate a finance job.    

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