Authored and published by Aspiring Minds research and development team, these white papers touch a variety of topics in helping understand assessment, human capital quality and mapping.

Skill Map - India, 2017

Skill Map - India, 2017 is a big data view of jobs across the country. It is the first-of-its-kind interactive platform that showcases demand for different job roles and skill sets in India.

Skills-Nursing Assistant 2017

The Skills-Nursing Assistant 2017 is an in-depth analysis of the employability of nursing assistants in India.

National Trainers' Skills Report

The National Trainers' Skills Report is an in-depth analysis of the proficiency of vocational skill trainers in teaching skills and in their respective domain. The report is based on the evaluation of over 500 vocational trainers who participated in the Skill India Fellowship conducted by Aspiring Minds.

National Programming Skills Report - Engineers 2017 | Report Brief

The National Programming Skills Report - Engineers 2017 is an analytical study of the employability quotient of more than 36,000 engineering students from IT related branches from over 500 colleges across the country. The report, based on Automata, a Machine Learning based assessment of software development skills aims to uncover the gaps in programming ability of Indian engineers by gender, tier of college, top 100 colleges vs. rest of the colleges, etc. The report brings across some necessary suggestions imperative for improving programming ability of students across the country.

Knowing what NOT to do is a critical job skill

Knowing what NOT to do is a critical job skill - Situational judgment tests have helped organizations across the globe consistently hire high performers. They are an effective way of assessing multiple aspects in an applicant including personality, problem solving and soft skills - i.e. practical intelligence. However, how do situational judgment tests predict performance and what is the right way to configure them?

Now, groundbreaking research by Steven Stemler and Varun Aggarwal based on Aspiring Minds' data sets, assessment modules and scoring methodologies answer the question.


Skill Map_U.S. 2016

The Skill Map U.S. 2016 is an analytical study of the demand and compensation for approximately 200 skills in the U.S. labor market. The report is a first of its kind effort to objectively present the demand for skills required by the industry across states mapped with the compensation it commands through an interactive visual interface. The report data is based on the analysis of over 300 job roles and 4,028,127 jobs in total.

National Employability Report - Engineers Annual Report 2016

The National Employability Report - Engineers, 2016 is an analytical study of the employability quotient of 150,000 engineering students from 650+ engineering colleges across the country. In its fourth edition this year, the report has widened its study to create a skill map, through theoretical and empirical evidence, for alternate careers for engineers such as sales engineer, technical content developer etc and report employability for these. It also looks into the job aspirations of engineers.

Skills Plumbers 2015 Report

The Skills Plumbers 2015 report is an analytical study of the employability quotient of plumbers. It is the report of its kind on plumbers and highlights the key knowledge and skill gaps in recently training plumbers. It also highlights the training interventions that are needed to make plumbers more job ready. The findings of the report are based on vocational skills assessment technology, TESLA, which has allowed us to derive skilling levels and capabilities trends like never before. In 2014 alone, more than five lakh vocational workers had been assessed on the TESLA platform.

National Spoken English Skills (NSES) Report

The National Spoken English Skills Report is an analytical study of the Spoken English Skills of engineers across India. The results derived are based on data of more than 30,000 students from 500+ colleges across India. The report aims to analyse the strong corelation between good communication skills and employability and highlights the gaps in Spoken English Skills in a comprehensive study by gender, city of residence, college etc. It also suggests areas of improvement to develop the requisite skills. The report shows drastic findings that out of the six hundred thousand engineers that graduate annually, only 2.9% candidates have spoken English skills (SES) for high-end jobs in corporate sales/business consulting.

National Employability Report - Engineers Annual Report 2014

The National Employability Report - Engineers, 2014 is an analytical study of the employability quotient of Indian engineers. It has over the years become an authoritative source for employability statistics for engineers and an auditory mechanism for higher education. The present report aims to delve further into the employability situation and also focuses on job aspirations of engineers. It also aims to understand what factors apart from merit influence employability outcomes.