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Complete Hiring Automation

Reduce manual hiring effort by 70%, move forward with relevant candidates


Quality Hiring

Find high-performing candidates using Artificial Intelligence


Immersive Experience

Deliver unmatched candidate experience, create a great employer brand

5,000,000+ candidates evaluated annually

3,000+ clients globally

100+ Fortune-500 customers

Identify Quality Talent, Use AI-powered Assessments

Cognitive Cognitive
Personality Personality
Spoken & Written Language
Programming Simulations Programming Simulations
Job Simulations Job Simulations
Sales and Customer Service Sales and Customer Service
Other Functional Skills Other Functional Skills
Video Assessments Video Assessments
Data Science & Engineering Data Science & Engineering

Smarter Interviews, Faster Hiring Decisions

Coding Interview

Video Interview
Live Interview

Code Meet: Online Technical Interview Suite

Helps technical interviewers monitor coding interviews live and publishes data in real-time on the coding style and execution

Reliable Evaluation Backed by Intelligent Technology

Machine Learning

One of the earliest implementations of machine learning and artificial intelligence to train assessment evaluation models successfully

Assessment Science

Time-tested, reliable and validated assessment research used to build pre-employment testing solutions


Replica of the real-world work environment to observe and evaluate the candidate as they play their roles.

Eliminate Scheduling, Management and Delivery Hassles

Powerful Recruiter Platform

iAssess recruiter platform lets you manage assessment tests, candidates, and scheduling and offers a live dashboard to keep track of the assessment operations


Integrated to popular talent acquisition and HRM applications such as Taleo and SuccessFactors

Custom Assessment Authoring

Create custom tests, questions and assessments to accommodate business specific hiring needs

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