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Blending the power of AI and the science of psychometrics to optimize your recruiting process so you can confidently select and hire the right candidate for every job, every time.

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Assess aptitude, skill, personality and potential without biases and achieve greater diversity.

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Optimize recruiting to improve speed to hire so you can spend time with the best candidates.

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Deliver an engaging candidate experience with shorter tests and life-life interactions - anytime, anywhere.

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Hire the best talent every time and improve employee productivity and performance.

Comprehensive. Fair. Reliable.

Back by world-class I/O psychologists, talent assessments are job-related, EEOC compliant and scientifically-validated.


Assessment Solutions

Backed by science of psychometrics, our assessments fairly and accurately measure cognitive abilities, language, personality and functional skills and correlate with job performance so you’ll find the right candidate faster.


Interviewing Technology

AI-powered interviewing technology assesses candidate domain knowledge, language and personality traits including motivation and job fit without bias. AI scores facial expressions, speech and content. Choose traditional video interviews or interactive, remote live interviews.

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100+ Fortune 500 companies work with us

We help companies assess job applicants and current employees on language, cognitive, functional and soft skills. We establish the right hiring benchmark, help automate recruitment and hire pre-qualified candidates.

100+ Fortune 500 companies work with us
Job Seekers

Pre-built assessments at your fingertips

1000s of validated questions. 900 job roles. 100s of skills.

Advanced interviewing technology

Coding Interview

CodeMeet: Interactive Coding Interview

Live coding interviewing platform with an interactive and collaborative programming environment, video streaming, chat, and whiteboard.

Record and replay the entire interview including audio and video to share with colleagues.

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CodeMeet: Interactive Coding Interview
Video Interview
Live Interview

ATS integration APIs and custom integration options

Your partner for 21st century talent evaluations


AI and machine-based learning removes human evaluation from assessments making them more reliable, accessible and streamlined. AI delivers engaging candidate experiences, a more inclusive talent pool and dramatically improves the quality and speed of hire.


AI powered automated proctoring ensures the integrity of the evaluation process. Advanced anti-cheating features include plagiarism checks, code replay, same face detection, second screen detection, periodic snapshots, geo-tracking, and more.


100% cloud-based infrastructure ensures a mobile ready and scalable solution that meets therequirements of the enterprise. Administer tests from an intuitive recruiter dashboard, compare candidates instantly and have 24/7 multilingual support.

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Join us to know how to build relationships with candidates in the hiring process to create a positive experience and ensure they secure and retain the candidates they want.

12 May 2020 | 2:30pm

Speaker - Brandon Pleaner

Head of Professional Services at SHL.

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Introducing SmartMeet: AI-powered Live Interviewing Technology that delivers an interactive and collaborative interview experience recruiters and candidates will love.

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RESEARCH HUB: Latest innovations in the field of talent evaluation

Cutting-edge assessment research backed by data science and I/O psychology

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Amit Aggarwal

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Adam Hachey

Country Manager Philippines

"Aspiring Minds’ automated language evaluation tool can be customized and has helped us reduce our process AHT. They are great partners.”

Tracy Elaine Molina

Vice President for Talent Acquisition
Sitel Group

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