Understanding how a candidate will behave in various situations can determine his or her success in performing specific roles.


Management graduates from even the best of institutes lack the so-called 'street-smartness' to tackle any emergency situation.

With organizations becoming multi-faceted, success in many roles now depends on the personality and the behavior of an individual. Which is why, all our behavioral assessments conform to scientific personality models so that we can help you evaluate talent in a much more holistic way. They give you an insight into a candidate's personality so that you can have a better understanding of their productivity, performance & trainability.

We offer a combination of modules to evaluate the behavioral aspects of candidate's personality:



The AM Customer Service Situational Judgment Test is our assessment suite used to evaluate an individual's potential functional fitment in the customer support domain. The candidate is assessed by asking for his/her response on various critical situations faced in his/her job. This response determines his/her performance and achievement in this profile. To remove the guesswork out of hiring, the test has been designed on a sound competency framework. Based on research conducted, we identified key on-job skill sets that correlate to high performance in the profile of Customer Support and the report presents a score in each of these competencies. While all these traits influence the likelihood of success, certain traits may be more critical than the others depending on the specific business context.

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