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The Aspiring Minds Talent Map helps you in benchmarking the existing talent of your organisation and in determining the core competencies of your top performers.

The Need

Our general understanding of what skills are required to succeed in a role is subjective and it isn’t validated by actual employee performance. Thus, what is required is an objective measurement of competencies benchmarked for particular roles in your company. This benchmarking is essential to develop a consistent quality of talent within your company and also to ensure that you hire the right people for specific roles.

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Our Solution: Talent Map

The Talent Map is our state-of-the-art benchmarking solution that helps you find out the skills, personality traits, educational background & demographics that the best performers in your company have, but others lack. For instance, it will tell you if a person needs to be really good in English for a profile or not. Whether he/she needs to be extrovert, agreeable or both. Or, in what proportion should his/her scores in logical & quantitative ability be combined to be a perfect fit for the role.

Using this ‘mapping’ of your top performers, you can use our set of assessments and profiling tools to hire quality talent that is suited for your needs. This helps in improving the quality of your workforce by a huge margin and also ensures that you recruit not just the right but the best for your company.

The Methodology

The right methodology of developing an objective benchmark is to calibrate it to shortlist candidates similar to the ones who perform best in your company. By getting people similar to the top performers in your company, the average performance of your organization can be improved substantially.

Talent map is not a subjective exercise but is an objective study driven by assessment tools , performance ratings and statistical models.

The benchmarking exercise involves delivering standardized suite of AMCAT assessments to a cross-section of employees in a particular profile to understand the traits exhibited by top performers. At this point, the demographic details are also captured for all the employees. Internal data like training test scores, performance appraisals, managerial ratings, etc. are all considered as performance indicators. Together, this data combined with the respective AMCAT scores goes through an advanced statistical analysis, which helps us in developing benchmarks for the given profile.

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