Five Ways Video Interviewing is Transforming Recruitment

There's no doubt that recruitment strategies have significantly transformed over the years. With organizations competing ferociously to attract the best talent, increasing speed to hire is of the essence. Recruitment teams need to conduct their assessments, identify who they want, and roll out offer letters before the candidate is taken away by the competition. For precisely this reason, video interviewing platforms are the new vogue. Video interviews for hiring have finally caught up with the demand to uncover hidden talent, even far and away from a company’s traditional recruitment zones.

Contrary to what some may think, video interviewing has definitely not robbed the hiring process of its personal touch. In reality, this tool makes the process more decisive and appealing to both the interviewer and interviewee. Video chat programs such as Skype started a revolution, but those early basic tools have now given way to more sophisticated systems that have become mandatory for modern recruitment. The old days of fuzzy connections and poor sound quality have been entirely replaced by user friendly and intuitive interfaces that make the video interview process almost effortless. These tools provide a remarkable opportunity to increase efficiency for your entire recruitment operation. With that in mind, we are excited to present the five reasons why video interviewing platforms are a complete game changer.


#1 - As a recruiter, you save time and money

Video interview tools offer enhanced flexibility over traditional recruitment practices. Recruiters and candidates have more freedom to choose the time that suits their schedules. No need to email back and forth to set up appointments during office hours. No confusion. Zero clutter. The typical problems of time and logistics are drastically reduced, leading to significant expense reductions and eliminating the dead time surrounding travel. You can expect to see a reduction in turnaround time of almost 90%. Both parties can go back to their daily life as quickly as logging off. This highly scalable video interview system gives you the ability to process a single interview or many interviews at once.

For example Axis Bank, one of the India's largest private banks used AutoView, an AI-enabled interviewing platform, to accurately assess the cognitive abilities, personality traits, and situational judgment skills of their prospective candidates. The interviews were conducted across 33 cities in a very short ten-day time frame saving 32k total hours. The candidates got their evaluation results fast, the company found the people they wanted, and no prospect got snatched away by competitors. A win-win for everyone!


#2 - A stress-free and efficient way to evaluate candidates

Video interview tools come with predefined templates that allow you to assess candidates via a single platform. This levels the playing field for every candidate and gives you, the recruiter, assurance that you are comparing applicants along fixed metrics. Wouldn’t you like to be free of the guesswork and stress of trying to differentiate among candidates who seem, on the surface, like they are similarly qualified? A professional video interview platform might be your new buddy. With minimal effort, the process is repeatable and scalable across locations — something that large enterprises need in their hiring process. You can even custom design an interview template to better suit your need to highlight various desired skill sets and competencies. What could be more awesome?


#3 – Enhanced candidate experience

Most obviously, video interview platforms give jobseekers access to employment opportunities that they otherwise might miss. Any person with an Internet connection can apply for the job, wherever they are in the world. Time is no longer a factor. The recruiter can set up pre-recorded questions in audio and text format — with the help of our AI-enabled AutoView — for the candidate to access at her/his convenience. Such interview formats allow candidates to convey far more information about the actual value they offer (which a standard resume or CV can never do.) Candidates can describe how they connect with your company brand. The live face-to-face sessions let them put forth their best selves: demonstrating their behavioral qualities, their confidence and sociability, and even their leadership potential. The platform provides a level playing field for the entire applicant pool, with each candidate allotted a set amount of time to brainstorm and formulate their best responses. This gives individuals the opportunity to show how they compare and how they differ from the competition. You get to zero in on the best person for the position.


#4 - Catch the non-verbal cues with power of AI

One of the most important aspects of any interview is non-verbal cues. For this reason, some recruiters think that online solutions can never truly substitute for traditional person-to-person engagement. This might be true with telephone interviews and with the clunky online video tools of the past. But today’s video interview tools allow you to hear a different story. Today’s video interview tools for hiring convey the physical gesturing, facial expressions and other nonverbal qualities that describe the person behind the resume. A professional video interview platform helps you decipher how a candidate deals with excitement or handles pressure and stress: all crucial metrics in finding the right fit. When all interviews are complete, the system delivers a dashboard of automatic scores that the recruiter can easily reference. Using AI, AutoView helps the recruiter compare the actual traits assessed during the interview — answer relevance, behavior, language fluency, etc. Plus, our intuitive system filters the best candidates into a single category so that recruiters no longer have to sift through Excel files or individual reports.


#5 - A tailor-made process with the option of adding additional tests

Automated video interviews are precise sessions (usually 15-20 minutes) that offer a comprehensive picture of a candidate’s essential attributes. AutoView features customizable formats that allow you to assess additional areas such as teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving — the important soft skills that often get lost in a typical resume. With AI enabled scoring, a recruiter can also remove the unwanted subjectivity that creeps in from human rater bias. AutoView technology uses AI and other related tools to accurately measure and precisely identify a candidate’s qualifications and potential.


Concluding thoughts

Online recruitment is becoming an integral process for large and small companies alike. Video interview platforms are proving their value each day by streamlining the traditional cumbersome hiring process. Companies are already realizing huge savings. For example, recruiters are seeing a 90% reduction in processing time. At campus recruitment drives, companies need fewer interviewers and assessors because AutoView has already reduced the size of the candidate pool by identifying the most qualified prospects. Organizations are saving thousands of dollars in travel and logistics because online automated video interviews take place anytime, anywhere, 24/7.

So if you're one of those executives looking for ROI, video interviews can help you improve your process while reducing the cost-to-hire, and time-to-hire numbers. You will be rewarded with a new technology that's reliable, quick and efficient. Video interviewing is the new normal and is here to stay. If you’ve been thinking about giving it a try, now is the time.

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