Top 3 trends that will shape tech hiring in 2019

The digital transformation of the HR ecosystem continues with a 2019 agenda that adopts cutting-edge tools for attracting, evaluating and hiring the best talent. As digital becomes a top priority for most businesses that rely on AI/ML, Blockchain and Mobile App, etc., we see skyrocketing demand for a myriad of technical roles. These new roles require new ways of evaluating and screening talent. As a result, organizations have been increasingly moving away from conventional hiring methods that involve standard skill testing to newer methods that evaluate skills in a more targeted way.

How can employers objectively evaluate candidates across such a vast range of new technologies? Fortunately, we see the introduction of many new and exciting approaches this year. Here are our three key predictions that will shape the tech-hiring scene in 2019.


Artificial Intelligence takes center stage

The term “AI” is becoming more and more familiar to people from all walks of life. For HR people, this is the year to adopt AI aggressively. AI-powered evaluation tools for programming provide data-driven insights into a candidate’s coding skills, technical knowledge and job fit. This empowers recruiters to make the right hiring decisions. Also, relying on data rather than intuition helps to remove human bias from the selection process and builds a more diverse talent pool. Furthermore, by automating the hiring process, these tools make the process highly scalable, allowing companies to expand their reach by over 4X. As the programming evaluation tools perform the initial level of screening — weeding out the least qualified and emphasizing the best — recruiters can focus their time only on the top coders. With more time at their disposal, recruiters are free to focus on more high-value strategic recruiting tasks.

Aspiring Minds’ Automata allows recruiters to comprehensively evaluate coders. Powered by AI, Automata ensures objective scoring on code correctness, programming practices, and coding efficiency. Automata can calibrate minor errors in code and even grade uncompiled code. This unique ability results in the shortlisting of 25% more qualified candidates. In the year 2019, recruiters must harness the power of scalable and robust technologies like AI and introduce a new level of intelligence in hiring.


Move past generic skill testing to specific tech-knowledge testing

The demand for specialized skill sets in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), iOT, blockchain, data mining and analytics places a huge burden on recruiters. It is no longer enough to be trained in a particular field. The best tech professionals are highly specialized. To address this, recruiters must test candidates on their practical knowledge of new and emerging technologies using specific skills assessments that cover these new technologies broadly.

Over the last decade, Aspiring Minds has conducted IT skills assessments on over one million job applicants for technical skills across legacy and emerging technologies from front end, devOps, full-stack, back end, data science, QA and beyond — helping leading companies find the talent they need to drive future success. Also, our cognitive, personality, behavioral and motivational assessments help identify which candidates will not only be high performing, but are likely to stay long term.

The signs couldn’t be clearer for tech recruiting in 2019. Employers must be engaged in the “consistent upgrading of their evaluation process if they want to stay ahead of the curve.”


LIVE interviews for technical hiring

The interview process for technical positions has undergone a massive change. The good news is, interviewers and candidates no longer need to struggle with traditional screening methods. Live interviews have completely revolutionized the coding interview process. Live interviewing allows recruiters and candidates to join the conversation remotely and even code collaboratively to evaluate a candidate’s coding prowess and overall job fit.

Aspiring Minds’ latest cutting-edge live coding interview platform CodeMeet simulates a real programming environment, with video streaming, chat, and whiteboard functions. Candidates enjoy a stress-free evaluation experience as they chat with their prospective future team while showcasing their programming knowledge and expertise through real-world coding problems.

CodeMeet provides AI-powered, real-time feedback on a candidate’s code as well as an analysis of his/her comfort level during the interview and evaluation. The entire interview is recorded for later review by the selection panel and for sharing with other interested stakeholders such as hiring managers, colleagues and external customers. This helps to reduce the number of interview rounds because all stakeholders can review the candidate collectively.

The fierce competition for high-quality talent and the need to hire quickly means that live coding interviews will rapidly become the norm. New and improved talent assessments will streamline the hiring process and bring relief to recruiters who have been struggling to hire for the latest technologies. We will remember the year 2019 as the year when employers moved toward the large-scale adoption of automated skills assessment evaluations. We are witnessing a transformation of the HR industry. The time is now for employers to embrace change and align their hiring processes with the industry growth curve.

Aspiring Minds’ Technology Hiring Solution is a comprehensive set of AI-powered evaluation tools that assist you in hiring the best technology team. There’s a reason why the world’s largest technology and software companies rely on Aspiring Minds. Contact us now for more information.

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