Top 5 benefits of adopting an integrated talent evaluation approach

Do you know how many HR vendors participate in your company’s hiring process? At least five. It’s true! Most companies rely on multiple touch points — consultants, service providers and subcontractors — in their pursuit to attract best-in-class talent. The result? An inconsistent candidate experience, a loss of recruiter productivity and a very costly investment with an often lousy ROI. Certainly not the best approach to hiring.

In today’s talent market, the two pillars of successful recruitment are a positive candidate experience and an efficient recruitment process. However, with multiple vendors in the value chain, we sacrifice the seamlessness of the experience. Every new product that gets introduced into the recruiting mix demands additional effort for integration, training and maintenance of the various systems.

How can recruiters address this glaring problem? The solution is to have a unified approach. The Power of One. One vendor for all your talent screening needs, from sourcing to assessment, interviewing, final selection and ultimately the offer rollout.


A unified talent evaluation process

Adopting an integrated talent evaluation approach allows recruiters to streamline their hiring process with ease. An integrated approach delivers a consistent candidate/recruiter experience and ensures that only the most qualified candidates reach the final round. The flow chart below illustrates how a single vendor can deliver a unified talent evaluation process that consolidates each individual step to streamline and standardize the process.



Improved recruiter efficiency

A unified talent evaluation process streamlines the recruitment process, reduces hiring time and frees up recruiters to focus on more important, high-value strategic tasks. The unified approach results in an automated process in which candidates move seamlessly from one stage of evaluation to the next. The happy result is that recruiters are no longer burdened by operational tasks. In an automated process, data also travels seamlessly from one stage to the next, saving time on data gathering, tabulation, and transfer to the other vendors in the chain. All these benefits combine to free up recruiter bandwidth by reducing time on operational tasks, thereby increasing recruiter productivity and efficiency.


Consistent candidate experience across all stages

Working with a single provider puts all of your recruiters, hiring managers and prospective candidates on literally the same page. An integrated dashboard gives recruiters a birds-eye view of the process in real time; prospective candidates are pleased that they don’t have to log into and reconcile various websites and information sources to learn the status of their applications; and hiring managers enjoy the convenience of a single source listing of all open positions.


Streamlined scheduling

Scheduling is an example of an operational task that consumes enormous recruiter bandwidth as they struggle to coordinate between candidates and hiring managers. An integrated evaluation approach automatically schedules assessments for shortlisted candidates, once their resumes are shortlisted by cut-offs and required skill sets. It also allows future interview rounds to be scheduled without any additional operational hassles. Recruiters typically see a 45% reduction in time commitment, which they may then reallocate to other, more high-value recruitment functions. The integrated approach allows the entire evaluation process to run like a well-oiled machine.


Seamless data transfer

An integrated evaluation approach helps ensure a smooth flow of data between your ATS and talent evaluation software. Candidate flows directly from the ATS to the talent evaluation vendor’s system. Likewise, after selection, the data flows back to the ATS and then to your HRMS system. This ensures data synchronization across all stages of the evaluation.


Consolidated view of evaluation process

Recruiters get a comprehensive view of the talent screening process in just one click. The integrated dashboard gives recruiters access to all significant details such as cut-offs, assessments scheduled, tests administered, interview times, shortlisted candidates and the final selection list. The single view helps recruiters anticipate roadblocks before they occur and ensures the smooth execution of the entire hiring process.

The screenshot below shows what a recruiter’s dashboard looks like. All the information related to the evaluation process is available in just one glance.

Aspiring Minds helps companies and organizations automate their entire recruitment process and deliver a satisfying experience to candidates, recruiters and hiring managers. We have over ten years’ experience in skills evaluation, providing recruiters with the right data points for finding best-in-class talent. Contact us today to schedule your free demonstration.

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