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A recruiter’s task is long and tedious. They know they need to hire the best technical talent they can. But getting to a final hiring decision means long hours of sourcing, screening and interviewing, which eat up your best resources. Can this be done while also leaving your coding-specialist interviewers enough space to create valuable products and meet project deadlines?

A recruiter usually shortlists a few best performing coders. After this, your expert interviewers step in. This is done for three very important reasons. First, coding skills can only be measured through coding tests. Second, your expert interviewers are best able to conduct these tests because they are aware of the common mistakes and glitches in coding processes. And third, they are the best qualified to make the final call on who they want for their team. So even though your programmers’ time is valuable, their expertise is just as critical in company recruitment.

Please welcome CodeMeet – an AI-powered live coding interview tool that delivers a platform for seamless interviewing of coders/programmers in a synchronous and hassle-free manner. CodeMeet enables interviewers to satisfy company demands with efficiency and convenience.

CodeMeet provides all the functions and capabilities required to conduct remote interviews in a way that best simulates a typical face-to-face interview. Recruiters shortlist candidates via Automata, our programming simulation tool . Then your in-house programming experts further examine candidates’ coding efficiency and cognitive abilities via CodeMeet. Taken together, these tools help eliminate the hassle of scheduling and rescheduling. The anytime/anywhere convenience provides the flexibility your programming staff and favored candidates need as they navigate competing demands on their time. In fact, CodeMeet is a step ahead of traditional face-to-face interviews because it helps guide interviewers in making a well-considered decision after the interviews are complete.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Easy-to-use coding interface with a rich question bank: CodeMeet provides a fully integrated development environment in over 35 programming languages, a built-in compiler and a rich bank of coding problems with test cases. It also allows recruiters to add their own coding problems. The question bank offers a comprehensive selection of problems with a difficulty range from low to high. Recruiters may configure the problem set before the interview begins or select items in real time as the interview proceeds.
  2. Enhanced candidate experience: CodeMeet provides candidates with cutting-edge tools that allow them to showcase their coding prowess and thought processes. With CodeMeet, they can participate in interviews remotely as their own schedules allow. CodeMeet provides a similar experience as traditional live interviewing, while eliminating much of the paperwork involved in skills assessment.
  3. Facilitate collaboration among candidates: CodeMeet lets you interview multiple candidates at the same time with the help of a collaborative coding platform. For example, if you are interviewing coders through a hackathon or hiring several coders for the same team, you can interview all of them together. CodeMeet allows each participant to add/edit code, provide input and test code by running it live on the platform. Important items such as participant code and your notes and comments are color-coded in clearly delineated chat, text and coding screens for easy reference. Also, multiple interviewers can participate in the interview, thus reducing time-to-hire as all the key stakeholders can collaborate simultaneously.
  4. Interactive interview platform: CodeMeet offers a built-in text, voice, and video chat that enhances communication between interviewer and candidate. A whiteboard feature allows candidates to illustrate an architecture diagram or program logic. CodeMeet surpasses traditional live interviewing by going paperless, reflecting a company brand strategy that is eco-conscious: a key selling point with top talent in the tech sector!
  5. Dynamically proctors candidate’s code: The ability to detect cheating is essential to the integrity of any online system. CodeMeet guards against misrepresentation by tracking candidate’s code to detect single-line / multiple-line insertions and deletions.
  6. Examines code for stylistic errors: Interviewers often miss small errors, especially when they are interviewing multiple candidates simultaneously. CodeMeet tracks syntax errors in the code and prompts the interviewer whenever such basic errors are found. It flags the participant as well.
  7. Review at your convenience with record and replay features: The CodeMeet system generates a video audit trail that documents the entire interview after the session is complete. This allows your hiring team to more carefully observe and consider the candidate. When your interviewers are allowed to revisit the interview session at a more convenient time, they are better able to eliminate any initial bias and arrive at a decision with confidence.
  8. Move beyond pen and paper with useful annotations: CodeMeet helps interviewers organize their thoughts with a helpful note-taking feature. CodeMeet color-codes your notes for different candidates for easy reference. The system automatically organizes and preserves your notes so that they can be shared with other team members during the decision-making process.

CodeMeet is an easy-to-use, AI-powered interview interface that will streamline your tech recruitment process while enhancing the candidate experience. CodeMeet delivers a remote-interview experience that features all the benefits of a typical face-to-face session. Recruiters can test candidate skills, analyze code for correctness and style, proctor candidate performance, record pertinent notes and observations, and replay entire portions of the interview session at their convenience. CodeMeet expedites your hiring process while delivering a superior experience to interviewer and interviewee alike.




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