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Women In Engineering: A Comparative Study Of Barriers Across Nations


Traditionally, women in India have shied away from engineering and related fields. However recent trends suggest more and more females participating in the growing technology sector in India. Although this new interest might open new opportunities for females

Enabling ‘anywhere, Anytime’ Assessment Delivery


Digitization has managed to ease human lives to a great extent. Today, the world is virtually placed under one roof, thanks to digital advancement. Online assessments for recruitment are increasingly becoming an integral part of new age recruitment.

Does Forced Choice Personality Test Provide A More Accurate Measurement Of Personality For Job Selection


Personality tests have become a significant part of recruitment process for most companies in almost all sectors. A personality tests helps understand the recruiters the candidate’s fitment for the job/ profile/company.

Why Are Indian Engineers Unemployable?


Out of more than 6,00,000 engineers being pumped into the economy each year, only a handful (18.43%) are ready to be deployed as Software Engineers in the IT Services industry. And the number drops to as low as 3.21% for IT product roles.

Employability Of Engineers: State Wise


India is a diverse country and the diversity extends to the engineering graduates across states. The States Employability report explores the sectoral employability of students from every state.

“Indianism” In Spoken English: Scientific And Automated Assessments For Detection And Filtering


Indianism refers to a word or phrase which is a characteristic of Indian English. Indianism may also refer to the way a sentence has been structured as if it was literally translated from an Indian language to English.

How To Create A Test Blueprint?


As a special three part series, we will be exploring the whys and hows behind test development. The article acts as a comprehensive guide to why a test is made, what are the characteristics of a good test.

Artificial Intelligence – A Game Changer In The Recruitment Ecosystem

The task of getting the right talent on-board in a cost and time effective manner looks like a distant dream to most organizations today. How can AI change the perception?

How AI, Machine Learning And Bots Are Changing The Way Recruitment Is Happening

Human Resources may have been slower in accepting AI and bots as its allies but its rate and magnitude of adopting them is much faster!