Top 4 Priorities of Talent Acquisition Leaders

Here at Aspiring Minds, we like to stay ahead of the curve. Working to improve employment outcomes for jobseekers goes hand-in-hand with improving recruitment practices for HR teams. So it’s absolutely critical to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry. What challenges do HR people face, and how are those challenges evolving in today’s environment? What specifically torments talent acquisition teams? Maintaining awareness helps us grow our products and services. We stay connected with the HR community as a matter of habit. Observing the talent market and hiring trends amidst the mass disruptions of today is exhilarating to say the least!

Over the past few months, we have participated in a lot of industry events both here in India and abroad. These events help to bring clarity and guidance to the range of new products, services and innovations in human technology. They offer the perfect opportunity to gain first-hand insight into what talent acquisition leaders really want in their arsenals.

Too often, technology companies adopt a top-down approach and “put the cart in front of the horse” by thinking innovation will drive demand. At Aspiring Minds, we prefer to listen to the recruiters themselves when they talk about their needs and priorities. We discuss with key industry watchers how HR tech for assessments and interviews is succeeding, and in which ways it is coming up short. Speaking with 100+ HR leaders across industries tells us that we are on the right path.

Of all the pain points that get bandied about, these make the most noise:

  1. Candidate engagement
  2. Interview process automation
  3. Artificial intelligence (AI) in talent acquisition
  4. Cost and efficiency


Candidate Engagement

Talent acquisition leaders all agree. If you hope to find top-notch talent, you have to pay attention to candidate experience. There may be more jobseekers than jobs. Even in technology fields, talent outstrips demand. But high-quality talent in highly specialized, niche fields? Those disappear fast.

One HR chief had this to say:

  • Assessments at our company are still conducted manually, which makes time-to-hire much longer.
  • However much we try to ensure that our applicants come away with a positive impression, a lot is out of our control. For example, sometimes we can’t even deliver the message that a candidate has been declined because the hiring team is too preoccupied with the candidates who have passed through.
  • Especially in the tech field, jobseekers have come to expect the convenience that technology offers. Sadly, if they see that a tech company is not availing themselves of tech in such a critical business function as HR, it doesn’t give a good impression. If they vent that frustration across their social media platforms, it’s not good for us. Hiring is no longer just an interview game. We all need to think more deeply about the impression we are making. In the tech field, we are making a grave mistake if we think the employer is still in the driver’s seat.

In recent years, prospective employees have become extremely sensitive to employer brand value, work culture, employee policies and also non-monetary benefits, to name just a few. Effective recruitment technology is a tactical move in the battle for top talent. At this stage of the game, every company needs at minimum:

  1. A positive company-brand impression
  2. A systematic engagement plan up to and including hiring/declining, and
  3. Proactive engagement with the candidate before the interview even takes place


Automating the interview process

Scheduling is probably the #1 nemesis of every TA manager. Recruiting can be like running a 100-meter sprint for every role, every day. Recruitment processes that run across multiple locations for each stage of hiring is a logistical nightmare! Plus, you can lose out on the must-hires by making them feel like they’re jumping through hoops.

Another TA head had a great argument for why she specifically needs technology to streamline the interview process:

  • We try to keep hiring cycles really tight but a single recruitment process can still stretch to 3-4 months. This is especially true if protocol requires the candidates to be physically present. Such delays deflate hiring statistics and create enormous pressure on my recruitment team to close positions.
  • My hiring managers do not have the mind-space or the bandwidth to offer strategic inputs to the recruitment process because they are constantly weighed down with tactical and transactional hassles. They don’t get the chance to think about out-of-the-box solutions and innovations in hiring. Their entire day is spent just running after hiring targets.

Recruiters like these yearn to free themselves from the monotony and repetition endemic in hiring. They need an all-inclusive, technology solution for both interviewing and assessments that can be tailored to their specific needs. Aspiring Minds offers solutions that don’t even require interviewers and applicants to meet together in the same room! With our platform, candidates can record their interviews while navigating intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards that present the HR team’s pre-recorded questions.


AI in talent acquisition

Our interview and assessment platform is so effective because it is absolutely crammed with beefy algorithms based on machine learning, NLP, speech recognition and Facial Action Coding systems (FACs). These all work together to give a comprehensive rating of candidate interview performance. Among the many ways that artificial intelligence can boost your selection process, these are key:

  • AI creates “muscle memory” in the machine learning architecture. The more you use it, the more it will learn from your experience and give you greater accuracy of results. We call this “system maturity.”
  • AI removes subjectivity and human bias, making the evaluation process completely data-based and transparent.
  • AI makes the entire recruitment process robust and consistent by assessing each candidate along the same standardized evaluation protocols.

Aspiring Minds offers an AI-powered assessment solution for video interviewing that measures a candidate’s body movements, facial and voice variations throughout the interview. It also assesses their spoken content for domain knowledge, English ability and organizational culture-fit.


Cost and efficiency

As much as TA professionals prioritize functionality, they must also think about cost and efficiency when choosing a technology solution. When we speak with HR professionals, they often complain that they can’t find a vendor who can explain (1) how their platform analyzes hiring KPI, (2) the cost-benefit equation, or (3) what the transition costs will be.

Hearing such complaints inspire us to find solutions. Our current benefits include:

  • The ability to conduct any number of interviews simultaneously: improving efficiency and productivity metrics by saving an enormous number of man-hours.
  • Automated interviews and assessments accessible 24/7 on most any device.
  • Anti-cheating technology and powerful predictive analytics.
  • and much, much more to help you get accurate results in a fraction of the time.

Aspiring Minds’ product offerings are the perfect combination of brains, beauty and brawn. With machine learning, AI and cloud infrastructure, you don't have to adapt to our products because our products adapt to you! Give us call today and help us help you!

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