90% reduction in candidate processing time by using AI-powered spoken English assessment

Learn how a global software giant used Aspiring Minds’ SVAR Spoken English assessment to reduce candidate scoring and analysis time.


Industry: Technology

Size: 23,000+

Region: China

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A global software giant faced tremendous challenges in identifying candidates with a high degree of English proficiency in China’s highly competitive job market. The company traditionally evaluated their applicants manually. This process required over two weeks to grade and analyze assessment results, making the hiring process painstakingly slow. These long delays caused them to miss out on top candidates who became impatient and accepted other job offers, leading to even more delays in their staffing efforts.

Manual evaluation also entailed a lack of standardization and transparency, and introduced bias into the selection process. It also made it difficult to scale their evaluations.



Aspiring Minds’ SVAR automates the English-language evaluation process, delivering objective and transparent assessment results. SVAR provides an AI-powered, standardized assessment of the spoken English proficiency of job candidates. It offers test-takers the freedom to access the test anywhere, anytime on any device, and provides comprehensive scores. SVAR reduces candidate wait-time to ensure that in-demand talent does not get away. With 100% cloud-based deployment, the client can evaluate thousands of candidates with minimal operational inconvenience.



The company partnered with Aspiring Minds to automate and standardize the English-language evaluation component of their recruitment process. The SVAR assessment tool is powered by AI -machine learning and voice recognition technologies. SVAR evaluated and scored the company’s applicants on their comprehension, fluency, pronunciation and grammar.

As a global entity, the company places a high priority on English proficiency. SVAR has the ability to adapt to local accents and norms, making it highly suitable for evaluating candidates who are not native English speakers.

SVAR’s fast and detailed reporting improved the speed of the company’s hiring cycle, resulting in improved acceptance rates for new hires. Furthermore, SVAR scoring correlated at 0.7 with the company’s traditional manual grading process, thus validating SVAR as a reliable measure of talent.

A hassle-free implementation and SVAR’s intuitive platform allowed the company’s HR team to schedule and manage evaluations with ease. Candidates could take the tests anytime, anywhere on multiple devices including smartphones and personal computers. These options further enhanced the recruitment experience for job candidates, thereby improving acceptance rates as well as enhancing the company’s brand among jobseekers.



An AI-powered spoken English evaluation with instant reports helped to expedite the hiring process while standardization maintained transparency and objectivity throughout the hiring cycle, and improved the quality of new hires.

Reduced wait time. Happy candidates. By automating the spoken English assessment, the company reduced evaluation and feedback time from 2 weeks to 1 day. This enhanced the candidates’ recruitment experience and reduced hiring cycle dropouts by 40%, as candidates were no longer forced to wait for results.

Standardized evaluation process. With SVAR, the company was able to standardize their language assessments across 50+ college campuses. Every candidate was evaluated according to consistent parameters, thus effectively eliminating bias from the selection process.

Scaled its reach to prospective candidates. With 100% cloud-based deployment and multiple accessibility options, SVAR allowed the company to rapidly assess thousands of candidates across50+ college campuses. SVAR’s automated proctoring delivered fair and reliable results by effectively prohibiting candidate misrepresentation and fraud.



SVAR® is an automated AI-powered assessment of spoken English proficiency. SVAR auto-evaluates and scores candidates across six key parameters: pronunciation, fluency, active listening, grammar, vocabulary and spoken English comprehension. SVAR features advanced voice recognition technology that can score candidates with native accents accurately to ensure that scores correlate highly to a human evaluator. The scores are reliable and benchmarked to internationally-accepted CEFR standards, and includes recommendations for “hire” and “train”. SVAR typically takes less than 15 minutes to complete and can be accessed by smartphone, personal computer or IVR phone line.


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