India’s leading banking & financial services company chooses Aspiring Minds to identify top talent for its first-ever Future Bankers program


Industry: Banking, Financial Services

Region: India

Company Size: 104,154+

Solution: AMCAT English | Quantitative Ability | Logical Ability | Sales Situational Judgment Test

India's largest banking com..-Aspiring Minds BI

The client is India’s largest private sector bank with a vast distribution network of 5,130 branches across 2,764 cities, was looking for a creative way to access young talent and create a reliable candidate pool for entry-level bankers. In 2018, they initiated the Future Bankers program to further this goal. The response was overwhelming. In its first year, the program attracted more than 30,000 candidates from across the country.

With an eye on scale and reach, client looked to touch every nook and corner of India from which to build a talent reservoir to draw from as needed. They specifically targeted millennials. And because this younger generation is more tech-savvy and demanding of the personal convenience that tech offers, client also wanted a flexible and convenient assessment solution that would provide a positive and engaging interview experience for candidates while maintaining a high level of accuracy and reliability.



Aspiring Minds has been client's exclusive and trusted partner for HR & recruitment for more than three years. Our unrivaled suite of assessments and recruitment automation experience made us the natural choice to run the Future Bankers program. We offer a comprehensive talent assessment solution that is tailor-made for the banking industry. Our talent assessment and video interview solutions provide the right set of tools for completely automating the evaluation of cognitive ability, customer centricity, personality traits, and job fitment. Taken together, we help our clients identify the most desirable candidates from any candidate pool, no matter how large.

Aspiring Minds also has extensive implementation and servicing experience in conducting mass hiring drives. We have worked with organizations worldwide to help them scale their recruitment campaigns. This allowed us to handle the massive scale of the Future Bankers program with ease.



Aspiring Minds developed a two-pronged solution. First, we developed a dedicated website to drive awareness. This website helped disseminate information about the program, including important dates, registration, and program details. We coupled this with a digital marketing campaign composed of email-direct marketing, social media, and targeted online ads.

The second step focused on evaluating candidates comprehensively and at scale. Banking careers require a well-balanced combination of soft and hard skills such as communication, cognitive and proactive selling skills. Thus, we deployed our proprietary English language test to evaluate language proficiency; quantitative and logical ability test to assess essential cognitive aptitude; personality test to identify personality traits and motivational indicators; and also our proprietary Sales Situational Judgement test to evaluate selling skills.



Through our assessment regimen, client attracted an enormous volume of high-quality applicants to their Future Bankers program. Automation of the evaluation process allowed assessment and selection to proceed with minimal human intervention, producing reliable, fair and bias-free results.

Evaluated candidates at scale. Aspiring Minds’ 100% cloud-based solutions allowed the client to completely automate their candidate evaluation process. Together, we assessed over 30,000 candidates across India to identify the most suitable for hire.

Reduced time-to-select apprentices. Our comprehensive evaluation shortlisted top-quality talent faster. This ensured selection panel interview a short but higher-quality list of shortlisted candidates to select best candidates faster.

Delivered an engaging and positive candidate experience. Utilizing a digital-first approach, client targeted millennials and succeeded at capturing significant mindshare. This helped enhance the company brand as a modern, next-gen organization. This perception was bolstered by the automated nature of our digital assessments that allow candidates to complete them anywhere/anytime across an array of devices.

Fair and bias-free evaluation process. By evaluating candidate skills through an automated process, we ensured that the assessment was highly scientific, fair and free of human bias.

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