A leading professional services company reduces time-to-hire by 60% by completely automating their candidate evaluation process.

Aspiring Minds implemented a hurdle-based, step-by-step evaluation process powered by AI to automate the client’s selection process from initial screening to final selection-expediting the hiring process and improving recruiter productivity.


Industry: Business Services/Outsourcing

Region: Phillipines

Company Size: 200,000+ employees

Solution: AMCAT | SVAR | Customer Service SJT | Call and Chat Simulation


Recruitment Automation_Busines Impact

A leading business-process services company with 400+ clients representing industry leaders worldwide was looking to automate their hiring process. They needed a more efficient way to evaluate customer service candidates and identify top performers.



The client typically evaluated 5000 candidates each month. They relied on a manual evaluation process that was painstakingly slow. Moreover, their evaluation process failed to weed out poor-quality candidates during the initial screening. Therefore, the client experienced low overall selection rates in later rounds. Their recruitment teams also faced huge operational hassles trying to coordinate with the candidates for multiple rounds of interviews. They desperately needed a comprehensive solution that provided right blend of assessments and interview solution to test required competencies and automate the evaluation process.



Aspiring Minds boasts a strong portfolio of scientifically validated assessments for 900+ job roles. We are the preferred assessment provider for over 3000 companies and organizations around the world and conduct more than five million assessments each year. Our AI-powered suite of assessments and interview solutions enable our clients to comprehensively evaluate job candidates and build a best-in-class workforce.



Before the client could streamline their evaluation process, they needed a better way to organize candidate data. Their candidates typically come from multiple sources such as job boards, social media, campus events, employment agencies and direct recruitment centers as well as their own internal databases. Aspiring Minds gathered all relevant candidate data into a central repository to efficiently manage the hiring process.

We then implemented a three-stage evaluation process. In Level-1, we validated candidates’ resume claims through an AI-based, automated video interview that measures domain knowledge and soft skills. Automation helped ease the operational hassles faced by the recruitment team in trying to schedule interviews for such large numbers of applicants. In Level-2, shortlisted candidates undertook a series of assessments to measure key competencies such as cognitive ability, language proficiency, behavioral, customer-centricity skills and customer management skills.

Successful candidates advanced to Level-3, the final interview stage. In this stage, the recruitment team utilized SmartMeet, a platform that allows users to conduct live interviews remotely, thereby saving on the travel and logistics expenses typically associated with large-scale recruitment drives. It provides AI score on candidate’s domain knowledge, social skills and job fitment. Candidates who passed this final stage were then awarded e-offers.



With 24X7 support and 100% cloud-based implementation, customer was able to effortlessly automate the candidate evaluation process. Applicants enjoyed the freedom to take their assessment tests anytime, anywhere on a variety of devices: smartphone, notebook or desktop computer. Such flexibility and ease of operation enhanced the recruitment experience for applicants while simultaneously enhancing the brand value of the client, thereby making the company more attractive to the most sought-after candidates.



Improved recruiter efficiency: With complete automation of the candidate evaluation process, recruiters no longer had to spend time screening every candidate. Aspiring Minds’ assessments weeded out candidates with below-average qualifications, allowing the recruiters to focus only on the top performers. Only applicants with the requisite skills were forwarded for face-to-face interviews and personal evaluation. This decreased processing time by 45%, freeing up the recruitment team to focus more time and energy on strategic and value-added recruiting activities.

Reduced time-to-hire. By employing a hurdle-based automated evaluation process, the client was able to reduce time to hire by 60%. With quick assessments and instantaneous reports with AI insights, the client was able to quickly identify an A-list of customer service prospects.

Reduced candidate wait-time. Candidates enjoyed the freedom to take the test anytime, anywhere, and also did not have to wait for results. With automation, the traditional 3-week process was reduced to 9 days. The client was able to announce their final selection quickly so that top performers were not lost to the competition.

Scale the hiring efforts. With 100% cloud-based delivery, the client can now process tens of thousands of candidates easily, with no additional expenditures on infrastructure or live assessors. By opening their recruitment process to anyone with internet access, they increased their chances of uncovering hidden gems in remote places, which also helps to improve workforce diversity.



SmartMeet is an AI Powered live interview platform that delivers a real-life interview experience to remotely assess candidate’s domain knowledge, language and personality traits including motivation and job fit without bias. Real-time AI insights help recruiters and interviewers ask more relevant questions during the interview, while giving candidates a collaborative, engaging interview experience in the comfort of their home.



AutoView is an AI Powered asynchronous video interviewing tool that evaluates the skills and competencies of candidates through a structured virtual interview. It uses AI technology to simulate a human evaluator like a traditional face-to-face interview. AutoView evaluates candidates on body language, voice emotion, domain knowledge and cultural fitment.



The AMCAT Logical Ability test assesses an individual’s deductive, inductive and abductive reasoning. It evaluates an individual’s capacity to make objective interpretations; to make generalizations by perceiving and interpreting trends; and to analyze the assumptions behind an argument or statement.



AMCAT English is a multiple-choice, computer adaptive evaluation based on Item Response Theory (IRT) to test candidate’s Written English and comprehension skills. A candidate’s response to a given question determines the type of question that will be presented next. When the candidate answers a question correctly, the level of difficulty increases. If the answer is incorrect, the level of difficulty decreases.



SVAR® is an automated AI-powered assessment of spoken English proficiency. SVAR auto-evaluates and scores candidates across six key parameters: pronunciation, fluency, active listening, grammar, vocabulary and spoken English comprehension. It features advanced voice recognition technology that can score candidates with native accents accurately to ensure that scores correlate highly to a human evaluator. The scores are reliable and benchmarked to internationally-accepted CEFR standards, and includes recommendations for “hire” and “train.” SVAR typically takes less than 15 minutes to complete and can be accessed by smartphone, personal computer or IVR phone line.



CS-SJT is a gamified assessment that simulates the real-life workplace scenarios that customer service agents typically face. CS-SJT measures skills such as customer-centricity, process adherence, customer expectation management, problem solving and self-management — all the skills that are required to do the job well.



Call and Chat simulation is a fully automated evaluation that simulates a real-time contact center environment. It measures a candidate’s ability to handle customer calls/chats with the help of standard process documents while simultaneously navigating across CRM to fetch customer details. Call and Chat simulation evaluates a candidate’s ability to handle all kinds of customer interactions — queries, requests and complaints.


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