Campus hiring program in China evaluates written English with AI-powered automated assessment


Industry: Technology

Region: China

Company Size: 6,000+

Solution: WriteX

Campus hiring program in China evaluates written English with.. - Thought Works - Aspiring Minds (BI)

A leading global technology company that provides software design, delivery, tools and consulting services to organizations worldwide. With 42 offices in 15 countries, English is a key competency for maintaining communications between work teams and customers. As such, it is a prerequisite for employment. They were searching for a more reliable and accurate way to evaluate written English skills. Finding qualified graduates through traditional campus recruitment efforts was challenging due to the wide disparity in language skills across various institutions. Manual evaluations had become prohibitively challenging for their recruitment team; assessing thousands of candidates across China with any degree of reliability was a labor-intensive, logistical nightmare.



Aspiring Minds’ AI-powered WriteX provides a real-time, reliable and accurate scoring of candidates’ written English skills. With 100% cloud-based delivery, WriteX allows clients to scale their hiring programs to include thousands of candidates. WriteX uses natural language processing (NLP) to analyze essays and emails and provide scores on content quality and grammar. Strong automated proctoring technology guards against fraud and delivers objective and highly reliable results.



The client chose Aspiring Minds on the strength of WriteX. Using powerful AI technology, the program auto-evaluates candidate essays and emails in real-time and delivers a CEFR score on content quality and grammar skill. WriteX can highlight spelling, punctuation, and white space errors to give recruiters as many data points as they require to comprehensively evaluate candidate skills. Strong auto-proctoring features like browser-off focus, print-screen lock and candidate monitoring through camera snapshots maintains high integrity throughout the process and across all campuses.



WriteX allowed the client to standardize the evaluation of their candidates’ written English skills to ensure that only the most proficient were hired. Candidates benefited from the quick and hassle-free assessment experience.

Evaluation at scale. With 100% cloud-based delivery, the client was able to scale their recruitment efforts and increase their reach to over 20,000 applicants across China. Automating the evaluation minimized operational hassles and logistical expense.

Streamlined evaluation process. The evaluation process was standardized across campuses, with AI-enabled scoring of content quality and grammar. All candidates were evaluated according to the AI scoring system with no human intervention or influence.

Competent hires with proficient writing skills. WriteX helped the client to shortlist only the candidates with the highest proficiency in English writing. The sophistication of WriteX ensured that marginally qualified candidates were eliminated early.



Using natural language processing (NLP) and AI, WriteX provides a CEFR score as well as granule scores and feedback on content quality and grammar through natural language processing (NLP) and AI.

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