Concentrix optimizes hiring using Aspiring Minds’ AI powered English language assessments

Evaluates customer service reps in half the time, saving 1400 hours in the process.

Industry: Business Services/Outsourcing

Region: Philippines

Size: 225,000

Solution: SVAR technology

Business Impact:

  • Saved 1400 recruiting hours
  • Reduced hiring time by 60%
  • Evaluate 1000s of candidates at scale

Concentrix, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE: SNX), is a leading business services company focused on customer engagement and improving business outcomes for over 450 global clients across five continents. Hiring the best customer service teams for their clients is a critical component of their success.


How do you reliably assess nearly 8000 candidates per month for English speaking customer service jobs using an old-fashioned, piecemeal evaluation process? Previously - very slowly; one candidate at time.

Over the course of any given month, the Concentrix recruiting team conducted close to 8000 ten-twelve minute, in-person voice assessments using a manual piecemeal approach. Each evaluation was conducted on-site so the company incurred mounting operational overhead and very long applicant wait-times. The evaluation and hiring process was extremely time-consuming and inefficient. Concentrix needed to automate. They needed an objective selection process.


Concentrix was looking for a scalable hiring solution that could easily handle high volume recruiting and identify the best candidates for customer service roles. This meant accurately testing the breadth and depth of applicants’ English language skills. They chose Aspiring Minds for their AI powered SVAR solution which uses advanced voice-recognition technology to accurately assess spoken English language skills and AI driven insights to evaluate the content of candidate responses.


SVAR from Aspiring Minds – the fully automated spoken English language test

A holistic approach to evaluating English language proficiency, SVAR integrates AI, machine-learning and voice recognition to accurately assess skills.

Spoken English and all-around language proficiency is essential in high-profile customer service organizations. It’s critical to the company’s success and their client’s brand. SVAR evaluates and scores candidates on pronunciation, fluency, comprehension and grammar. Its ability to evaluate multiple languages and account for local accents and norms made SVAR the best choice.

Aspiring Minds delivered a SVAR solution for Concentrix which combined three features:

  • An AI-based automated spoken English skills evaluation solution
  • Remote delivery with multiple options- IVR, PC and mobile app-based; and
  • Seamless integration with Concentrix ATS to make detailed candidate profiles and results instantly available to all stakeholders.

Implementation was a breeze.SVAR integrated seamlessly with Concentrix ATS to provide real-time scoring, actionable reports and recommendations to hire or train a candidate. Recruiters could easily view a candidate’s profile including which tests they took, their detailed scores, performance analytics and their likelihood of success. The friendly user interface made creating assessments based on specific job roles fast, and recruiters could automate email alerts and notifications. In the end, this integration saved countless number of administrative hours and made candidate analyses objective and reliable.

What about the scoring?Detailed scoring reports were critical in evaluating which candidates might be best for each role. We observed a direct correlation of 0.7 between SVAR scores and Concentrix’ previous manual grading process, affirming the validity and accuracy of the assessments in finding top talent. SVAR’s multiple modes of delivery ensured the availability of standardized scoring for all different use cases – campus recruitment, lateral recruitment and those at partner locations.

The Results

A fully automated evaluation process with real-time dynamic candidate scoring delivered significant time savings, efficiency of scale and dramatic cost savings.

Full automation of English language testing: Our intelligent assessments allowed Concentrix to completely automate its hiring process and deliver a superior candidate experience. They now use Aspiring Minds’ SVAR spoken English assessment technology to process almost 8000 applicants every month throughout the Philippines.

More efficient recruiting: By automating the evaluation process, Concentrix achieved their goals of efficiency and time, cost savings and accuracy. The team estimates they saved about 1400 hours per month implementing SVAR. This not only let recruiters concentrate on more strategic challenges; they also saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in recruiting costs.

Reduced hiring time by 60%: The science and technology behind SVAR took the guesswork out hiring the best candidates for each job. Immediate access to reports by every stakeholder streamlined the review process. The speed to hire improved. Candidates evaluation and selection process now took 3-3.5 hours start to finish, down 4 hours per candidate using a manual, unscientific process.

More extensive reach: 100% cloud-based technology combined with integrated automated proctoring and live 24/7 support provided the team with anywhere, anytime testing – something their candidates absolutely appreciated. Concentrix could evaluate 1000s of candidates across multiple platforms - IVR, PC and Mobile app without a hitch. The IVR was most popular, followed by PC and mobile app. The candidate experience was superb.


Blending the power of Artificial Intelligence with the science of psychometrics, Aspiring Minds optimizes your hiring process to select the best through an engaging candidate experience. Our comprehensive portfolio of assessment and interview solutions to measure cognitive abilities, language proficiency, personality traits and functional skills allows corporations to select for 100s of different job roles. You can rely on our predictive analytics to identify high-performing, engaged and long-lasting employees.