Custom job-simulation test implemented at breakneck speed!

Aspiring Minds developed, validated and deployed a custom job-simulation assessment for evaluating content moderator job applicants in 6 weeks!


Industry: IT Services /Outsourcing

Region: India

Company Size: 87,000+ employees

Solution: Customized Content Moderation Simulation | Information Gathering & Analysis | Emotional Resilience


Content Moderation_Business Impact

A leading professional services organization faced challenges trying to recruit for a difficult job — Content Moderator. Candidates for these roles must be highly qualified to process large volumes of content across digital channels and moderate inappropriate or abusive content as per company policy without introducing personal bias. Candidates must be accurate and efficient, but they must also possess the emotional resilience necessary to handle near-constant exposure to unpleasant and sometimes abusive content. Our client had been hired by one of the world’s largest social media platforms to moderate content on their platform. So, our customer was building a large team of talented moderators to identify and remove prohibited user content from the social media platform.



Our client struggled to find qualified candidates as most of the applicants had no prior experience as digital media moderators. The client's traditional recruitment process could not accurately assess whether applicants possessed the requisite competencies. This opened the door to many poor performers. It also led to a high rate of attrition as the impact of viewing such large volumes of offensive material exacted a negative psychological toll. It was time to revamp the hiring process and implement an automated, highly validated and fair evaluation process that could identify which applicants possessed the right competencies and then select the candidates most likely to thrive in the role.



Content moderation assessment from Aspiring Minds: Content moderation is a relatively new skill set in today’s market. Aspiring Minds worked with the client to perform a detailed job analysis to identify competencies necessary to succeed in this role. Our analysis identified the key competencies as cognitive aptitude, information analysis and emotional resilience. We also determined that the best assessment instrument would be job simulation combined with cognitive aptitude testing, as well as a “Big-5” personality evaluation. Mindful of the client’s time crunch, Aspiring Minds team built the customized assessment with record speed to ensure timely deployment.

Developing new customized assessment: Candidates were presented with real-world job scenarios to assess their ability to analyze and process various types of user content. This included textual, pictorial and audio/video material. The candidates were instructed to tag inappropriate content as per community guidelines and flag it under the right category of violation if required. This situational test along with the assessments for cognitive aptitude and emotional resilience were validated on a cohort of content moderators already employed by the social media company. The comparison showed a very high correlation of 0.47, thus establishing high predictive power for job success.

Assess talent with a combination of highly validated assessments: We then presented candidates with our Information Gathering & Synthesis assessment, an IRT-based adaptive cognitive skills test. This test measures a candidate’s ability to sift through vast amounts of information and make appropriate determinations. We also evaluated candidates’ susceptibility to anxiety, depression and vulnerability through our Likert-based psychometric Big-5 test on emotional resilience.

Quick development and deployment: Our Aspiring Minds in-house, experienced and specialized team of R&D, test development and technical resources, made it possible to respond to the client’s urgent need for new assessment solution. And, they quickly developed the new simulation-based content moderation assessment. Plus, the availability of our already-established assessments for cognitive aptitude and emotional resilience — demonstrated effective by thousands of customers.



Our customized simulation-based assessment was a game-changer for the professional services client and helped them to kick-start their flailing recruitment efforts and build a large team of qualified moderators.

Significantly reduced bad hires by 70%: Thanks to our comprehensive suite of assessments, the client was able to identify the right talent who would not only deliver superior results but also display the emotional fortitude that the job demanded. The client saw a 70% reduction in bad hires and a corresponding improvement in productivity and employee retention.

Reduce time to hire by 50%: With the help of automated assessments, our client was able to confidently evaluate over 3000 candidates within 2 weeks. The automated hiring process saved time and expedited the assembly of a competent and professional team.

Continued product improvement to ensure best results: By constantly monitoring the results of our assessments along with internal performance benchmarking, Aspiring Minds improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the assessments. Over time, the steady perfection of our tests resulted in improvements in the quality of candidate pools: ultimately resulting in world-class teams of professionals.

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