Harnessing AI to boost top talent by 50%


Industry: Telecommunications

Region: India

Company Size: 20,000+

Solution: Automata | Skills Test | Language Comprehension | Quantitative Aptitude Test

Harnessing AI to boost top talent by 50% - Aspiring Minds (Case Study) - Banner

Our client is one of India’s largest mobile services provider and the 3rd largest mobile network operator in the world. They were looking to attract first-class programmers from top colleges and universities across India to staff their many corporate divisions in entry and mid-level capacities. But their traditional hiring practices wasted a lot of time and resources, resulting in low throughput. They needed to boost their recruitment outcomes through a reliable alternative to manual assessments, and establish a highly efficient and scalable screening process.



The client chose Aspiring Minds as we offer the most comprehensive suite of assessments for evaluating the technical proficiency of job candidates. Our Technical Hiring solution evaluates candidates across the most important parameters for job success and company fit. Powered by Automata — our AI coding simulation assessment — our technical skills tests can evaluate key functional proficiencies in 40+ programing languages. Combined with the cognitive and language skills tests, we offer a complete and thorough assessment of quantitative ability and job readiness.

Aspiring Minds offers something unique. Through AI, our Automata is able to score uncompile-able code as well as code with failed test cases. Thereby controlling for minor mistakes, our assessments can identify 25% more candidates who are qualified and ready, compared to traditional coding assessments. Furthermore, Automata is widely adaptable to multiple roles, experience levels and sectors. This allows us to evaluate prospective talent across a diverse array of educational institutions and experience levels to compare candidates on a more equal basis.



The client needed to hire people for multiple roles at various levels of experience. Our Technical Hiring suite assisted in every category. For entry-level roles, the client scouted talent at both Tier 1 and Tier II institutions. At IIT, NIT, BITS we used a customized version of Automata, that measures advanced programming concepts such as data structure and dynamic programming algorithms. Other institutions were served by Automata basic, which focuses on debugging skills, quantitative aptitude and English language. Lastly, for lateral hiring across digital and e-commerce roles, we used a customized selection of Automata pro and Business Analysis tests.

This flexibility is key to reliably evaluating role-specific programming and technical skills. All assessments are backed by strong auto-proctoring technology, with features such plagiarism check, code replay and camera monitoring to protect against candidate misrepresentation and fraud.



With the help of Aspiring Minds’ AI-powered technical hiring solution, the client identified the candidates they needed early in the selection process, reducing assessment overlap and redundancy, leading to huge savings.

Increased throughput: Our assessment suite allowed the client to quickly identify the people they were looking for and then expedite them to the final rounds of screening. Our Automata feature resulted in more and better candidates, helping to enlarge the prospective candidate pool and improve the overall candidate selection rate by 45-50%.

Selection of top quality candidates: Proprietary combinations of Automata, technical skills, quantitative and language tests enabled a fair and objective comparison of candidates from diverse educational backgrounds to identify the best talent regardless of institution.

Scale the evaluation process: Complete automation of the initial screening process allowed the client to scale their recruitment process across multiple educational institutions for entry-level hires. For lateral hires (experienced and mid-career) the customer was able to cast a wider net by evaluating talent across India.


ABOUT Automata

An AI-powered online coding simulation that tests the programming skills of candidates with the help of well-structured and curated coding problems. Automata assesses the correctness, performance and quality of code. AI helps Automata calibrate for minor coding errors and grade uncompiled code to ensure that no good programmer is overlooked. Automata is available in over 40 programming languages.

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