India’s largest automobile manufacturer automated its hiring, attracting better talent with 2X increase in reach


Industry: Automobile Manufacturing

Region: India

Company Size: 40,000+

Solution: Cognitive Test | Language | Personality | SJT | Technical Skills

India’s largest car manufacturer doubled their recr.. - Aspiring Minds BI

The client is not only the largest automobile manufacturer in India. They are also one of the country’s most popular brands. Since their founding in 1981, they have produced more than 15 million cars. Client is bullish about their future, investing ever-larger sums in development and production to meet a rapidly expanding market. But like any other company, they struggle to find the right talent in today’s hyper-competitive skills market. Eager to present themselves as a modern and forward-looking company, they wished to overhaul their recruitment efforts to appeal to a new tech-savvy generation of industry professionals. First and foremost, they wished to expedite their hiring procedures and provide an enhanced candidate experience, while maintaining a robust and reliable assessment process that guards against misrepresentation and fraud. This meant transitioning away from traditional pen-and-paper assessments to an online talent evaluation for the roles of service advisor, technician, and bodyshop training.



Aspiring Minds’ has helped leading manufacturers worldwide assess prospective candidates and find highly qualified people who possess the desired skill sets. We guide our clients to choose the right set of assessments from our assessment suite that measures the competencies that are key for each role. Moreover, Aspiring Minds’ robust anti-cheating technology ensures high authenticity and reliability of the assessment process compared to traditional assessments that are vulnerable to question leakage and cheating.



Aspiring Minds helped the client select the right combination of assessments for each role. The recommended tests included technical skills, situational judgement, numerical ability, language and personality. For example, service advisors need to demonstrate high customer centricity and strong analytical skills, as well as good English comprehension. Therefore, we administered a combination of customer service situational judgment tests, numerical ability, data entry, psychometric tests, and English comprehension.

The technical assessments were delivered in multiple languages such as Hindi, Bengali, and English to accommodate candidates from India’s various regions.

In addition to our own question library, we also accessed client’s own bank of questions translated into regional languages to achieve a more comprehensive candidate evaluation. We regularly reviewed both question banks to avoid any question leakage.

Aspiring Minds also assisted client’s test infrastructure requirements. We provided end-to-end support for the evaluation process, from providing the necessary devices to administering the tests and collating results. Our implementation team oversaw the massive hiring drive from Kashmir to Andaman to ensure that the recruitment campaign progressed smoothly.

We also protected against candidate misrepresentation and fraud through our automated proctoring technology featuring webcam monitoring, browser-off focus control, geo-tracking, and print-screen lock. When human proctors were necessary, we provided those as well. These measures are designed to keep cheating in check and maintain the high validity of assessments.



With the help of our services, client was able to efficiently move away from its traditional pen-and-paper assessments and delivered an engaging candidate evaluation experience.

Reach twice the number of candidates: Aspiring Minds’ 100% cloud-based solution took client’s talent evaluation completely online. By opening up the process to thousands of candidates, we were able to identify uniquely skilled individuals. Plus, the efficiency offered by online-based assessments reduced the operational hassles that are typical of traditional recruitment efforts.

Established a highly reliable hiring process: Aspiring Minds’ automated proctoring technology coupled with manual proctors kept cheating and question paper leakage in check and helped the client conduct a highly reliable and fair hiring process across all geographic locations.

Engaging candidate experience: We accommodated the candidates’ preferences by administering our role-specific assessments in multiple languages. We were also able to make shorter assessments available on digital platforms for extra convenience. These efforts provided a pleasant candidate experience, thereby enhancing the client’s brand value in the talent marketplace.

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