India’s largest Consumer Durables & Electronics (CDE) retailer evaluates its pan-India salesforce effectiveness using Virtual Assessments


Industry: Consumer Durables & Electronics

Region: India

Company Size: 4,700+

Solution: Cognitive Assessments | Situational Judgement Tests | Personality Tests

India’s largest multi-brand Consumer Durables and Electronics (CDE) retailer evaluate its pan-India frontline salesforce effectiveness using virtual assessment solutions - Case Study Business Impact Image (Aspiring Minds - SHL)

Completed the evaluation of their staff in just 3 days with zero disruption to daily operations by leveraging the perfect combination of virtual assessments.

India’s only fully functional omni-channel electronics retailer and one of the biggest Consumer Durables and Electronics (CDE) retailers in India. An industry trendsetter, it showcases location-specific inventory and sells chain-wide inventory in every store.



One of the biggest consumer durable brands in India, the client offers 200+ tech brands across 150+ stores in more than 40 major cities pan-India and is known for their tech-savvy staff. As the client had nearly 1000 customer-facing employees working at their retail stores, they wished to switch to a more efficient, systematic and scientific method of workforce development that could help them tighten their customer engagement process. Their existing process was tedious and time-consuming while being a strain on the HR budget. Since the client did not have any prior experience of using HR tech, a second challenge was to help them achieve greater comfort with a new technology-assisted mode of operation to realize their goals. What they needed was an easy-to-implement, AI-based solution that could help them scientifically and comprehensively evaluate their retail salesforce’s effectiveness fast.



They chose Aspiring Minds as their assessment partner as we offered them the right set of assessments for a scientific, 360 degree evaluation of their tech-savvy retail store employees. The combination of our Sales SJTs, Cognitive and Personality Test was apt for a thorough evaluation. The assessments were on a 100% cloud-based platform and provided detailed reports for holistic evaluations of key skills and areas of improvement. The client could confidently assess the key competencies of their salesforce within 3 days. Aspiring Minds provided personalized development feedback and also increased employee buy-in and motivation with the help of instant and actionable reports.



Together with the client we worked on identifying a combination of assessments that would test the sales competencies, personality traits and cognitive skills that a tech savvy salesforce must possess. Aspiring Minds recommended a combination of 3 assessment:

Cognitive Assessments: Our client sells more than 6000 products and it’s paramount that the customer service agents have the requisite information on these products. While they receive regular training on product selling and customer service, there was no structured method for understanding their cognitive skills. Aspiring Minds’ Cognitive Assessments were used to assess the logical ability, analytical skills, critical reasoning, attention-to-detail and quantitative ability.

Situational Judgement Tests: To explore the employee’s intuitive response to a real-life work situation, all participants were taken through simulations and tests that included Retail Situational Judgement Tests, AM Lead, AM Direct, Result Orientation, Customer Orientation, Teamwork, Influencing skills etc. SJTs helped our client understand the level of congruence that each employee had with respect to his customer management skills.

Personality Tests: Aspiring Minds’ Personality Inventory evaluated the vast employee diversity on the Big 5 personality traits of extraversion, agreeableness, openness, Conscientiousness and Emotional Stability.



Automated, remote assessments that reduced assessment time by 90%. Even without any previous exposure to HR tech, the client conducted the assessments within 3 days as against 18 working days, with no disruptions to their operations or daily activities. We helped our client move to a systematic, real-time and digitized process in an auto-proctored environment to assess and plan training interventions for their workforce.

Validated Assessments. The tests are validated, psychometrically tested for reliability and consistency and are backed by a large question bank.

Instantaneous Reports that also identified high potential employees. Aspiring Minds delivered detailed custom PDF reports for each employee. Apart from recommending individual development plans, our virtual assessment centre also objectively assessed employees for identifying the high-performers.

Reduced effort and expenditure while totally ruling away the need to travel. The HR team was able to remotely conduct hundreds of concurrent assessments within the same day, saving immensely on travel costs, reducing time and increasing overall efficiency.

Revamped Talent Management Strategy with Increased Efficiency. Aspiring Minds’ assessment solutions helped in streamlining their talent management strategy by identifying the competency gaps and training requirements for their retail employees to ensure a superior, consistent customer experience across locations.



Aspiring Minds dramatically improves employee productivity by conducting comprehensive capability assessments for many Fortune 500 multinationals, Indian conglomerates, institutions, and non-profit organizations. Whether it is identifying skill gaps in existing roles or understanding current job fitment or even recommending training & development interventions to boost up individual as well as your collective performance and efficiency, we can help. Contact us to learn how AI can transform your assessments process.

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