Large conglomerate based in China transforms its training program with AI-powered SVAR – Spoken English Test

Discover how a leading China-based conglomerate used Aspiring Minds’ SVAR Spoken English test to evaluate its workforce and design effective training programs to close the skills gap.


Industry: Multiple

Size: 20,000+

Region: China

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A leading conglomerate based in China with a diverse portfolio spanning multiple sectors was seeking to access the global market. However, their prospects were limited by the fact that their workforce lacked English-language proficiency, a key requirement for competing internationally. They wished to design an effective training program to enhance their employees’ English skills, but first needed to evaluate their people to identify skills gaps. Furthermore, because their company stretched across 15 geographic locations and number of subsidiaries,they needed to standardize the evaluation process to gather consistent information about skill gaps of their employees.



Aspiring Minds’ SVAR offers a standardized and objective evaluation of spoken English proficiency. Powered by AI, the SVAR assessment provides the right measuring stick for identifying skills gaps and designing effective training solutions. Thanks to100% cloud-based deployment, SVAR can be executed seamlessly across multiple offices and locations.



The company partnered with Aspiring Minds to assess their employees’ English training needs. Our SVAR assessment tool is powered by AI -machine learning and voice recognition. All employees were evaluated and scored on comprehension, fluency, pronunciation, and grammar.

The comprehensive SVAR evaluation helped the company prepare its workforce to compete efficiently in the global market. This large-scale, company-wide assessment produced the crucial data points that the training provider needed to design the appropriate training program. The transparent, objective, and bias-free nature of the assessment process ensured confidence in the results. This resulted in better employee cooperation and adherence to the subsequent training initiative.

With seamless implementation across company offices, the HR team was able to manage the 3000+ evaluations with ease. Employees even enjoyed the option of taking the assessment at a convenient time and place. SVAR can be accessed anytime, anywhere from a wide range of devices including smartphone, desktop and laptop. This freedom enhances the test-taking experience and boost employee satisfaction.



SVAR allowed the company to standardize evaluation of the spoken English proficiency of its workforce. This enabled them to expedite a level-appropriate training initiative to move the company forward into the global market.

Efficient evaluation. Expedited training initiative. With the SVAR assessment tool, the company was able to evaluate 3000 employees across 15+ locations within 2 weeks. SVAR’s fast reporting and detailed analysis helped the company to communicate its specific needs to the training partner. This enabled the partner to design a targeted training program that addressed the employees’ particular needs as well as the company’s strategic goals.

Adherence to training. Administering the test in a bias-free environment assured the employees that the results were fair and accurate. The detailed score analysis offered a comprehensive explanation of the areas in which each individual needed improvement. Confidence in the results of the assessment helped inspire the employees to cooperate and adhere to their training program. Over 75% of the company's employees participated in the training program and completed it successfully.

Standardized evaluation process. SVAR allowed the company to standardize the English evaluation process and achieve fair and accurate results across its 15+ offices and subsidiaries. The reliability of the assessment enabled the HR team to evaluate candidates objectively for important hiring, promotion and assignment considerations.



SVAR® is an automated AI-powered proficiency test of spoken English. SVAR auto-evaluates and scores candidates across six key parameters: pronunciation, fluency, active listening, grammar, vocabulary and spoken English comprehension. SVAR features advanced voice recognition technology that can score candidates with native accents accurately to ensure that scores correlate highly to a human evaluator. The scores are highly reliable and benchmarked to internationally-accepted CEFR standards, and includes recommendations for “hire” and “train”.  SVAR typically takes less than 15 minutes to complete and can be accessed by smartphone,personal computer or IVR phone line.


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