Multinational consulting giant saves 1000s of recruiting hours with AI powered talent assessments

Evaluates and hires thousands of candidates on an on-going basis with ready-to-use, validated assessments across hundreds of IT skills.


Industry: Business services / IT consulting

Company size: 100K+ employees

Region: India

Revenues: $1B+


A global leader in consulting, technology, professional and outsourcing services hires over 20,000 candidates worldwide every year to keep pace with the ever-evolving technology landscape and dynamic customer needs. The company believes their competitive advantage is their talented workforce with rich experiences across legacy, mainstream and cutting-edge technologies. Maintaining their competitive edge depends on their people and thus recruiting top talent faster than everyone else is critical to their success and growth.



The company couldn’t hire top talent fast enough. They were in undated with applicants and identifying candidates who were well-versed in the ever evolving, wide spectrum of technical skills from legacy to new technologies was complicated. Current screening methods were inadequate and quickly outdated making it difficult to hire for hundreds of job roles across many diverse technologies. Interviewers were often busy interviewing unqualified candidates, which made face-to-face interviews hard to come-by.

The current approach to hiring was ineffective and lacked objectivity and standardization which possibly resulted in screening out top-notch candidates.



The company needed to reduce the time to identify and qualify applicants by reliably assessing their technical capabilities. The goal was to spend more time interviewing only the best candidates. They chose Aspiring Minds because their AI powered talent assessment and interviewing solutions are the only comprehensive toolset providing everything they needed to streamline and automate their technology hiring process. This included the very effective AI powered automated proctoring and anti-plagiarism technology that ensured the integrity of every assessment and the hiring process.



Technology Skills Tests from Aspiring Minds – the key to unlocking the best talent

Ready-to-use library of 100s of technology skill assessments combined with automated coding simulations reduced time to hire while enhancing candidate experience.

application-based questions allowed recruiters to test for a wide range of legacy, mainstream and cutting-edge technology. Each IT Skill assessment is backed with a rich, regularly updated question bank to reflect the continuous innovation in the tech space and ensure a holistic evaluation of candidates. Assessments and reports were seamlessly integrated into the company’s HRMS to create a completely automated solution. Using these 10-15 minutes tests screening candidates for specific knowledge and experience became a cake walk for recruiters. Only the most qualified candidates were interviewed.

Programming Simulations: For roles requiring programming skills, the company confidently assessed coding abilities using Automata Coding Simulations. Automata tests programming capabilities in over 30 programming languages in a real software programming environment. Detailed reports provide objective scoring on candidates’ programming logic, correctness and coding best practices while Artificial Intelligence calibrates for inconsequential or silly coding errors, so they never screen out the best candidates.

Candidate Centric Delivery: Truly anywhere anytime assessments over laptops, tablets and mobile phones coupled with AI powered automated proctoring ensured the integrity of every test result. Candidates appreciated the completely automated process and the balanced mix of practical and knowledge-based questions which could be accessed from the comfort of their homes with no wait time. The streamlined process let candidates showcase a breadth of technical knowledge, saved candidates interviewing time and improved the likelihood of candidates finishing the evaluation process.



Talent acquisition teams confidently screen, evaluate and hire thousands of technical candidates, cutting the process by weeks while delivering a superior candidate experience.

Improved recruiting efficiency with better assessments. With an always updated IT skill tests library of 100s of technologies and tools, the client now had assessments for more than 200 job roles. Screening candidates was a breeze and confidence in selecting the best talent skyrocketed. Candidate evaluation time dropped to a few days, and qualified candidates selected for interviews doubled.

Dramatic reduction in recruiting costs. The company saved 1000s of hours in recruiting efforts. Only candidates who demonstrate sound IT knowledge and experience have face-to-face interviews. Recruiting operations are streamlined and the hiring team is more productive and effective.

Delivering superior candidate experience. The evaluation process was smooth and highly predictable. Candidates found the assessments engaging and super convenient. The balanced mix of theoretical, application-based and knowledge-based questions allowed candidates to showcase their breadth of experience. Automated assessments reduced candidate wait time dramatically and established the organization as a leading employer brand in a highly competitive IT market.



An AI-powered online coding simulation that tests candidates’ programming capabilities through well-structured and curated coding problems available in over 50 programming languages. Automata assesses the correctness, performance and quality of code. AI helps Automata calibrate for trivial coding errors and grade uncompiled programs to ensure that no good programmer is ever missed.

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