Pioneer in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry revitalizes its sales capabilities by deploying virtual assessments across 20 business divisions


Industry: Pharmaceutical

Region: India

Company Size: 14,500+

Solution: Cognitive Assessments | Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) | Personality Tests (AMPI)

Pioneer in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry revitalizes its sales capabilities by deploying virtual assessments across 20 business divisions - Case Study Business Impact Image (Aspiring Minds - SHL)

Administered AI-powered assessments to over 220 employees for identifying ‘high-potential’ employees with the intent of training them to be future leaders.

One of the largest, Indian-origin generic and specialty pharmaceutical companies, our client develops, manufactures, and markets pharmaceutical formulations and nutraceuticals in India. It has established a business footprint in more than 50 countries across Europe, Africa, the Asia Pacific, South America & the United States.



The client conducts bi-annual assessments of their sales staff, most of whom are Medical Representatives or Area Business Managers. The purpose is to identify high-potential employees and also to evaluate them on key competencies like familiarity with drug development & end-use, market awareness, knowledge about the various therapy areas, like cardiology, diabetology, gynaecology etc. These 220 employees are under 3 main business verticals (Chronic, Antibiotic and Generic medicine) and under 20 sub-divisions like Hospicare, Cytomed, Metabolic etc. In the existing process, they were required to travel to the nearest Training Centres to undergo assessments. All assessment sheets were manually compiled and housed at a single source, which was a tedious process. Considering the current pandemic-marred conditions, travelling to the training centre was no longer a feasible or safe option. Since most of the employees did not have their own laptop devices, the client preferred a virtual assessment solution that was mobile friendly, easy for the employees to undertake and provided reliable results.



Aspiring Minds was given the mandate of running the Assessment Centre/ Development Centre because we offered a combination of assessments that ticked all requirements and have an irrefutable reputation of being the best at what we do. Based on their needs, we proposed a mix of assessments that focused on the job skills of medical frontline employees like Market Representative and Area Business Manager profiles. Using our 100% cloud based platform for conducting mobile-friendly assessment tests, case studies & role-based simulations, Aspiring Minds provided tangible, actionable data around every employee’s main competencies, skill-strengths and developmental areas.



In consonance with the client requirements, we recommended a sequence of remotely conducted auto-proctored as well as assessor-led tests to get a focused understanding of the employees’ product, market and behavioural capabilities and to identify high-performers. Aspiring Minds solutions support multiple devices so all participants were able to use their own smartphones to go through the evaluation process remotely:

Online Assessments & Case Studies for 1st level Assessments. Our client has thousands of product SKUs that are sold under 20 business divisions. It was critical for them to ensure that their frontline staff possesses the highest job- competencies. For the first level of evaluation, candidates were asked to take online tests that included Cognitive Assessments, Market Awareness Assessment and Personality Inventory. The Medical Sales SJT specifically measured their work-related skills, understanding of their own product lines, the competitive landscape & market awareness etc. They were also taken through job-related Case Studies to test their strategic thinking, problem solving skills, customer orientation, influence, etc.

Assessor-led Role Plays & Competency based Interviews for 2nd level Assessments. For the next assessment stage, Aspiring Minds’ SmartMeet, a live video interviewing solution was used to first take employees through an assessor-led role-play, where each of them was assessed on his/her response, product knowledge, adherence to company protocols, code of conduct, company policies, customer orientation etc. This was followed by a face-to-face Competency Based Interview (CBI) to have a more qualitative engagement with the employee. The AI-based assessment scores of the participants were then combined with their offline assessment scores to arrive at a final score.



50% improvement in efficiency in conducting the assessments. The client was able to successfully complete both stages of assessment, and improve the precision & efficiency of the entire assessment process by almost 50%.

100% cloud based, standardized assessments. With a centralized, 100% cloud-based platform, our client was able to administer standardized, auto-proctored tests, access candidate test results, evaluator feedback and their individual reports & assigned scores at any point and on multiple devices.

Analytics-based career planning. The availability of online individual PDF reports with assessor feedback and collaboration features significantly improved the client’s internal capability on career planning for employees. It also aided in taking data-backed decisions on promotions for high-performers, training interventions for skill-gaps and development plans for the under-performers.



Aspiring Minds dramatically improves employee productivity by conducting comprehensive capability assessments for many Fortune 500 multinationals, Indian conglomerates, institutions and non-profit organizations. Whether it’s identifying skill gaps in existing roles or understanding current job fitment or even recommending training & development interventions to boost individuals as well as your collective performance and efficiency, we can help. Contact us to learn how AI can transform your assessments process.

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