Streamlined hiring process using AI-powered coding simulation assessment


Industry: Manufacturing

Region: China

Company Size: 30,000+

Solution: Automata

Streamlined hiring process using AI-powered coding simulation assessment - Aspiring Minds (BI)

One of China’s most reputable home appliances and automation brands was looking to standardize their evaluation process for hiring software developers across all of their 19 international subsidiaries. Their traditional in-house candidate evaluation process and maintaining proprietary bank of programming problems had become operationally challenging and prohibitively expensive. They had evolved as far as they could on their own, and now needed an outside partner with expertise to take their recruitment efforts to the next level.



The client chose to partner with Aspiring Minds because of the strength of Automata — our AI-powered coding simulation assessment that enables recruiters to objectively evaluate candidate programming skills. Automata can grade code like a live interviewer, while calibrating for minor coding errors. The system can even grade uncompiled programs so that skilled programmers are not disqualified for inconsequential mistakes that are fixable. Aspiring Minds offer hundreds of real-world coding problems devised by an in-house team of SMEs and content developers who continuously probe and investigate to keep the question bank timely and up-to-date.



The client’s 19 subsidiaries adopted Automata as their assessment solution to evaluate the coding prowess of prospective software engineers. Candidates enjoyed coding in an intuitive IDE, with over 40 programming languages to showcase their knowledge. And, using the vast library of real-world coding problems, their recruiting team set up programming challenges to test candidates.

Strong automated proctoring technology with browser control, print-screen lock, periodic candidate snapshot, plagiarism checks helped the customer to maintain a highly reliable assessment process.



Aspiring Minds helped the client streamline their evaluation process across their many subsidiaries and ensure that only the best programming talent advanced to the shortlist.

Standardized the evaluation across subsidiaries: Automata enabled the client to maintain a standardized evaluation process across their 19 subsidiaries worldwide. All candidates were evaluated on coding problems from Aspiring Minds’ vast question bank. They were scored on their programming ability, functional correctness of code, logical correctness and best practices.

Improvement in the quality of candidates shortlisted: Automata’s AI-enabled scoring technique provided a comprehensive and fair evaluation. The client had confidence that only the best talent available made it to the shortlist.

Time saved by using the Automata question bank: The client’s traditional evaluation process involved thousands of man-hours in developing and maintaining a question bank of programming problems. By outsourcing their assessment process to an industry expert, they not only saved time and expense but accessed a much more sophisticated and accurate testing regimen. We continuously update our question bank and also check for question leakage. The quality of Aspiring Minds’ tests are unrivaled.

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