Telecom giant reduced hiring time by 70% with automation of the candidate evaluation process

Learn how China’s largest telecom provider reduced hiring time and saved money with Aspiring Minds’ automated software engineering evaluation process.


Industry: Technology

Size: 75,000+

Region: China

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A multinational telecommunications company based in China traditionally relied on paper assessments to evaluate their software engineering job applicants. These antiquated methods made their recruitment process inefficient, expensive and slow. The hiring cycle was delayed as HR personnel waited for assessors to compile data and feedback from the test results. The long wait-times forced most in-demand talent to accept offers from competing organizations, thereby lowering the company’s applicant-to-hire conversion rates and wasting recruitment effort and money.



Aspiring Minds assessments provide the right combination of technology, reliability and speed to augment traditional hiring practices. Aspiring Minds’ IT skills tests cover all aspects of programming skills required by most companies. Aspiring Minds’ Automata, a coding assessment powered by AI, evaluates the code of job candidates comprehensively on the basis of programming ability, functional correctness, best practices and code complexity to ensure that good programmers are not dismissed for minor mistakes. In addition, AI-powered proctoring offers face recognition technology as well as single and multi-line insertion and deletion protections in order to restrict the possibility of plagiarism and cheating by job candidates. The combination of these tools enable clients to achieve a faster, more accurate and more reliable assessment of the programming skills of their applicants.



The company partnered with Aspiring Minds to completely digitize their candidate evaluation process. We implemented a tailored combination of Automata and functional skills tests to comprehensively measure and evaluate applicants’ programming and technical knowledge. The AI-powered Automata programming assessment offers an IDE and built-in compiler, as well as the ability to adapt to over 40 programming languages. Our functional assessments evaluated knowledge of software engineering, computer and telecom networks using real-world test cases.The candidates enjoyed a superior assessment experience with the freedom to access the test anytime, anywhere on a variety of electronic devices. Aspiring Minds’ assessments integrated seamlessly with the company’s ATS. This enabled a streamlined evaluation process that resulted in faster hiring. Auto proctored assessments reduced any chances of foul-play / plagiarism, thus helping the customer to effortlessly move to an automated evaluation process.



The company was able to automate its evaluation process with little effort or disruption, and delivered a streamlined and consistent candidate assessment across its organization.

Minimize operational hassles. With automated assessments, the company cut recruitment expenses by 45% that were incurred due to traditional offline evaluation. Aspiring Minds’ anytime/anywhere access eliminated the need for physical materials, test centers, assessor fees, and travel accommodations.

Higher interview conversion. Automata helped the company identify the top talent in its candidate pool and quickly put them on a shortlist. This resulted in a 40% jump in the interview-to-hire ratio. Automata improved the quality of the selection pool by weeding out candidates with subpar programming ability, including those who previously might have survived early test rounds.

Never miss top quality talent. Automata helped the company recruit top talent through its unique comprehensive evaluation abilities. Automata evaluates a candidate’s code on logic, functional correctness and programming practices in addition to the usual test case performances. This unique feature ensures that good programmers are not excluded from consideration because of minor errors in syntax or failed test cases.

70% faster hiring decisions. The automation of assessments and seamless integration with the company’s ATS reduced candidate evaluation time by more than half. The company could now evaluate more candidates with greater accuracy and efficiency, and at lower cost.



An AI-powered online coding simulation that tests the programming skills of candidates with the help of well-structured and curated coding problems. Automata assesses the correctness, performance and quality of code. AI helps Automata calibrate for minor coding errors and grade uncompiled code to ensure that no good programmer is overlooked. Automata is available in over 40 programming languages.


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