World’s largest global aerospace manufacturer partners with Aspiring Minds to select participants for the inaugural accelerated AME apprenticeship program


Industry: Aerospace & Defense

Region: India

Company Size: 153,000+

Solution: Cognitive Test | English Language Test | Domain Test | Personality Test | AutoView

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Under the aegis of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, and client came together to set up a skills development program for promising engineers in the field of aviation maintenance (AME). They needed an end-to-end solution to promote the program, solicit interest from prospective qualified candidates, reliably assess applicants, select finalists and help them find suitable job opportunities.

Client needed a trusted assessment partner to conduct the entry and exit examinations for the program. And, also help them promote the program, facilitate registration, administer assessments, select finalists and later help them find employment with appropriate companies.



Aspiring Minds offers the most comprehensive suite of talent assessments and interview solutions available today. In the past ten years, we have helped over 3000 organizations find solutions to their recruiting and assessment needs. We offer the best tools and implementation services to efficiently manage candidate assessment and selection. And we can customize our assessments to meet the unique situations of our diverse clientele.



Aspiring Minds began by creating awareness of the program among AME graduates. We did this with the help of strategically targeted advertisements around leading AME colleges, leveraging both online and offline channels. These efforts included a dedicated microsite to provide program information and to serve as a portal for online registration. Students from over 10 cities across India registered for the program.

Next, we initiated a two-step evaluation process to conduct preliminary assessments of applicants. Stage-1 included an adaptive cognitive ability test as well as an English language proficiency test. We also custom-designed and administered a domain knowledge test using the DGCA recommended syllabus with questions provided by client.

The shortlisted candidates advanced to Stage-2, in which we set up four assessment centers in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore to cover each of the country’s main population regions. The candidates sat for our proprietary personality test, followed by video interviews conducted through AutoView, our automated, on-demand, remote interview platform. The finalists from this stage then sat for a 10-minute personal interview with a panel made up of client’s representatives. Finally, 25 candidates (from a starting pool of several thousand) were selected and granted admission to the Accelerated AME apprenticeship program.

Over the course of the apprenticeship, Aspiring Minds conducted soft skills training for the students to help them hone their communication and presentation skills. Upon completion of the program, we evaluated the students again using a custom-built assessment to measure the knowledge gained from the program. After this exit assessment, we worked with the students individually to help place them with leading aerospace companies.



Aspiring Minds provided the strategic assistance that client required to successfully administer and manage the entirety of the recruitment and selection process for their flagship Accelerated AME Apprenticeship program. We provided the structure and know-how to generate widespread awareness of the program, comprehensively evaluate and select candidates, and facilitate their training and eventual placement with the best companies. The apprenticeship program was so successful that the Ministry of Civil Aviation has decided to again partner with the client to renew the program for a second round. And they have again chosen Aspiring Minds as their partner of choice.

Comprehensively evaluated candidates at scale: With the help of scalable custom-built assessments, client was able to evaluate applicants’ key competencies to identify the most highly qualified individuals. The two-stage evaluation process analyzed candidate suitability across multiple dimensions to help the client identify which individuals would gain the most from the apprenticeship.

Flawless program execution: Aspiring Minds’ extensive assessment experience and knowledgeable client servicing teams ensured the seamless execution of the assessment process. With no exact precedent and no rule book for reference, we devised a custom-tailored evaluation process that succeeded in identifying which candidates possessed the traits that the program desired most. And we achieved it in over ten different cities.


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