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Corporate Sales Executive

A corporate sales executive can be a part of the organizations' feet on street sales team or telesales team and can be selling products like automobile parts or services like financial advisory services.

Inside Sales Executive

An inside sales executive is responsible for generating new prospects by interacting with existing and prospective customers in order to garner their interest and convert them into qualified leads for the on-ground outside sales team.

Business Development Executive

A business development executive is responsible for researching and pursuing new business leads for the growth of the business.

Production Assistant

A production assistant in the Media and Entertainment industry is responsible for providing support on all production activities. The activities may include logistics, co-ordination, budgeting and preparing documents. 

Housekeeping Attendant

A housekeeping attendant in the Tourism and Hospitality industry performs routine duties in cleaning and servicing of guest rooms and other work areas.

Market Research Analyst

A Market Research Analyst helps predict potential sales of a product or service of the company and helps companies comprehend what kind of products consumers demand, their target customers and the pricing strategy.

Retail Sales Representative

A retail sales representative is essentially the face of a retail outlet. His prime objective to attract consumers and drive sales.


Business Analysts contribute to the profitability of companies, both large and small, in mostly every industry.


A front-end web developer is responsible for implementing visual elements that users see and interact with in a web application. 


A competent C# developer can handle many aspects of developing an application, including but not limited to performance, scalability, security, testing, and more. 

Legal Associate

The person involved in understanding client's legal requirements

Hotel Food & Beverage Manager - Entry Level

March 15, 2014: F&B Manager in a hotel is part of the management team responsible for managing restaurants, bars and banquet halls of the hotel including maximizing profits, maintaining quality standards and managing staff.

Hiring the 'Right' Business Consultant

November 21, 2011: IT and ITeS companies are increasingly moving towards a consulting model where their role is not limited to technology and process implementation for their client, but to consult the customer in devising the IT strategy. It is very important to have a selection mechanism which assesses the candidates on the skills required to perform and succeed in Business Consultant's role.

Seller Support Associate

The Seller Support Associate acts as the primary interface between the company and its business partners. 

Customer service executive

Customer service executives are the ones who help companies to fulfil their 24x7 support promise. With their skills and experience they ensure that a company delivers the highest standards of service to customers.

JAVA developer

JAVA developers create dynamic applications and web interfaces. A developer’s job is involved in almost all stages of engineering: be it soliciting requirements, prototype design or product configuration.

Testing Engineer – Fresher / Entry Level

Testing plays a significant role in development of new software and systems. There's a common saying in the IT industry that behind every successful software is a careful Testing Engineer. Thus having the right candidate as a Testing Engineer is vital to the success of the product.


A programmer's job is one of the most coveted and highest paying jobs today. A report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics there will be around 12% increase in programmer jobs in the U.S. by the year 2020. Programmers are hired by a variety of sectors that thrive on technology as their backbone.


April 15, 2015: One who gives life to objects, digitally.

UI/UX designer

March 15, 2015: A UI/UX designer is one who is concerned about understanding a product and its feel and is able to express the same in the form of design to the user.

System Administrator

February 15, 2015: He is the person we all reach out to, the moment there is a problem with our computers or internet at work.

Bank Relationship Manager

January 15, 2015: The main scope of work of a bank relationship manager lies in handling clients and offering them help and advice on various banking related queries.

Retail Sales Associate

December 15, 2014: How many times have we visited a store and decided to ignore it forever due to the experience we had with the sales guy out there. It has a lot to do with the person we interact when we go to a retail outlet apart from the products we buy

Customer Support Executive

October 15, 2014: The man on the other side of the line; having answers to all the queries and grievances you have!

Technical Support Analyst

Technical Support Analyst is majorly involved in offering support services in terms monitoring and maintaining operations of computer networks to clients.

Petrochemical Engineer

August 15, 2014: A petrochemical Engineer is involved in designing means and mechanisms for excavating and digging up crude oil and gas from the earth.

SEO Analyst

July 15, 2014: SEO Analyst is responsible for maintaining the health of the company's website and is responsible for driving audience to the website.

Client Servicing Manager

June 15, 2014: Client Servicing Manager is often the primary point of contact for existing clients and is responsible to support Corporate Sales Team or Business Development teams in servicing accounts.

Area Sales Manager

May 15, 2014: An ASM manages sales force within his/ her defined regional territory and is responsible for overseeing sales operations, meeting targets and managing the sales team in the region.

Team Lead in ITeS sector

April 15, 2014: A Team Lead in the ITeS domain is responsible for managing and leading teams in different processes within the organization. He/ she is responsible for maintaining the required service levels, motivate and drive the team and strive for continuous process improvement.

Retail Personal Banker

A retail personal banker is the first point of contact for customer in a bank branch. They meet and interact with existing and potential customers and constitute the face and selling point for the bank.

Agency Sales Manager (Insurance)

An agency sales manager's primary responsibility is to manage agency channel sales for the company. He/ she is responsible for managing agents, training agents and achieving sales targets for the team.

Product Manager (Entry Level)

December 15, 2013: A product manager is responsible for managing and developing company's products and services. He/ she is responsible for not only increasing the profitability from existing products but also for developing new product line for the company.

Software Developer (Lateral)

November 15, 2013: With high demand and strong salary potential, a software developer enjoys one of the most coveted and fastest-growing careers in India. A software developer is responsible for designing, constructing, integrating, testing, verifying and maintenance of computer systems in an organization

Mobile Application Developer

October 15, 2013: Mobile application development is rapidly growing and has become a billion dollar industry. As companies strive hard to capture the attention of users through innovative and useful applications, the demand for quality mobile app developers has also increased tremendously.

Human Resource Manager

August 15, 2013: Human resources manager develop, suggest and execute policies and decisions relating to the personnel within an organization.

Web Content Writer

July 15, 2013: With hundreds of websites coming into existence every minute, the amount of data present on web is extremely high. A web content writer is responsible for creating unique content for websites, web properties, newsletters etc.

Data Scientist

June 15, 2013: A data scientist studies the source of information, what it represents and whether and how it can be turned into a valuable resource for creation of business and IT strategies to gain a competitive edge.

Medical Representative

May 15, 2013: Medical representatives are the key link between pharmaceutical or medical equipment companies and healthcare professionals. They are responsible for building a network with healthcare professionals to promote product awareness, answer queries and help introduce new products.

Analyst - Fresher/ Entry Level

April 15, 2013: Analysts help businesses by synthesizing external and internal data and communicating them clearly to all stakeholders, facilitators and partners.

Plant Engineer - Fresher/ Entry Level

A plant engineer is responsible for the operations of a manufacturing unit including equipments, processes and human resources.

Software Engineer - Fresher/Entry Level

November 21, 2011: Entry level software engineers form the bulk of hiring for any IT services company. To get the right candidate, one needs to use smart shortlisting criteria. Traditionally, companies have used English, Logical Ability and Quantitative Ability as parameters to hire these candidates. Our recent research shows that using computer programming assessment besides English skills, quantitative ability and logical skills may yield significantly better quality of candidates without affecting and actually improving the supply. here

Nursing Staff

Nursing responsibilities are manifold and cover a wide range of duties and functions, depending on the qualification of the nurse and hospital requirements.

Supply Chain Manager Entry Level

Supply chain managers have a tremendous impact on the success of an organization. These managers are engaged in every facet of the business process, right from planning and purchasing to distribution and customer service.

Financial Analyst – Fresher/ Entry Level

A financial analyst researches macroeconomic and microeconomic conditions, gathers financial information along with company fundamentals in order to make business, sector and industry recommendations to the company.

Insurance Sales Agent

Becoming an insurance sales agent is a great way to kickstart a career in this industry. Insurance sales agents advice clients on choosing insurance policies that suit their needs. Clients can include individuals, families as well as businesses.

Customer Service Executive

We've all needed help from a Customer Service Executive at one time or another, sometimes it’s a cell phone with garbled display, or a lost credit card.. Customer Service Executives answer incoming calls from customers for various reasons- take orders, answer inquiries and resolve complaints.

Retail Associate and Managers

There are multiple roles within a retail store, starting from General and Grocery, to cashier and cash office to the backend guy. The capability to predict the right job-fit for a candidate can help check forced attrition besides contributing to the success of the store.

Technology Consultant

Technology Consultant is a professional who renders her / his expert advice on technology related issues. His area of expertise could be information systems design, software programming and development, information business strategies, system analysis etc.

Pharmaceutical Trainee Entry Level

Being a niche and knowledge-driven sector, pharmaceutical companies look for professionals with the right academic background to understand the process and add key inputs in divisions like R&D, Manufacturing and Distribution.


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