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Impact to Jobseekers is the world's only assessment driven
recruitment marketplace.

More than a million jobseekers take AMCAT every year to demonstrate their skills, get personalized feedback, job credentials and job opportunities.

71% of jobseekers alter their study schedule based on their AMCAT feedback report.
Yes, somewhat
Yes, a lot
A little change
No change
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I got my first employability report through AMCAT, which analyses my areas of improvement and provide many helpful advices. AMCAT makes me well prepared for my job hunting.
~ Wu Zhenlai, Student, Tsinghua University~

72% jobseekers utilize the training resources recommended in their report.

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3000+ companies look for
AMCAT certified candidates to
fill their job positions.

There are 800+ job postings
on every

Millions of AMCAT takers put their AMCAT certificate on LinkedIn, Job boards and their resume.

66% of these graduates are from non-elite colleges.

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I was weak in certain sections which I got to know after taking up the AMCAT test. So, I focused on strengthening these and here I am now - an offer letter from Mindtree. AMCAT made my job at Mindtree possible.
~ Nitesh Kishore Kashi, Student, Bhopal Institute of Technology and Science~

79% of jobseekers placed via AMCAT came from non-elite universities, compared to 58% of placements in the open labor market.
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Each of these graduates possess skills comparable to graduate from elite institutions.

Elite Colleges
Non-Elite Colleges
Graduates from elite and
non-elite colleges with similar
AMCAT scores receive similar salaries. Perfect match!
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By Regression Analysis

Indeed, the feedback report was of great help on understanding jobs that I might target in the future.
~Salwa Ahmed Ali, Student, University of Wollongong, Dubai~

Also, 22% of AMCAT hires had lower GPAs than what companies generally preferred.
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AMCAT brings the disenchanted back to the labor market
through a championship of merit.
The Result!!!
  • Similarly skilled graduate compete on a level playing field.
  • Company find employable candidates from anywhere and everywhere.
  • Student get and act on feedback to improve employability.
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