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Impact to Universities

More than 1100+ universities use AMCAT
every year to enable feedback and job credentials
for their student.

Career offices rate
AMCAT 8.26 on
usefulness to students
73% of them rate
AMCAT campus analytics
report at 8 or above
Overall satisfaction rating
with AMCAT is 8.45
Based on 350+ responses

The analytical report is a great help in career counselling. As an educator it gives
an honest account of what is missing in our students and also what direction
some of our educators should take.

~Hedy F. Fontamillas, Head - Guidance Office, Romblon State University, Philippines~

74% of students tested at universities alter their study schedule based on their employability feedback report.
Yes, somewhat
Yes, a lot
A little change
No change
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79% of jobseekers placed via AMCAT came from non-elite universities, compared to 58% of placements in the open labor market.
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I got my first employability report through AMCAT, which analyses my area of improvement and provide many helpful advices. AMCAT makes me well prepared for my job hunting.
~ Wu Zhenlai, Student, Tsinghua University~

Graduates from elite and
non-elite colleges with similar
AMCAT scores receive similar salaries. Perfect match!
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By Regression Analysis

Indeed, the feedback report was of great help on understanding jobs that I might target in the future.
~Salwa Ahmed Ali, Student, University of Wollongong, Dubai~

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Job Seekers

More than a million jobseekers take AMCAT every year and benefit with detailed feedback report, job credentials and job opportunities.

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