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Aspiring Minds announces second list of colleges for National Employability Awards 2015

New Delhi, September 12, 2014: Aspiring Minds has announced the second list of colleges to be awarded the National Employability Award 2015 for being among the Top 10% engineering campuses nationally or in their respective state.

How job ready are Indian Engineers? -Business World

New Delhi, September 06, 2014: The mismatch existing between the supply of engineering passouts every year and the number of these people getting finally employed has become a national concern now.

DQ Channels interviews Himanshu Aggarwal

New Delhi, July 31, 2014: In an exclusive interview with Aspiring Minds CEO Himanshu Aggarwal, DQ Channels explores the Aspiring Minds story with special emphasis on SVAR - the innovative spoken English assessment tool from the AM product suite.

The dilemma on employability of India's grads- Rediff

Mumbai, July 25, 2014: The ever dwindling numbers on employability of Indian graduates have been talked over widely. Rediff raises the questions to Himanshu in a bid to understand the situation further.

Quartz features Aspiring Minds study on employment aspirations of Engineers

New Delhi, July 18, 2014: In a detailed feature on aspirations of Indian engineers, Quartz puts light on some very interesting facts from Aspiring Minds NER 2014. It points out that engineers especially women show very less interest in working for startups.

Aspiring Minds on the Skill India project - CNBC Awaaz

Mumbai, July 12, 2014: This year's budget has clearly focused heavily on job creation, skilling the Indian youth and entrepreneurship. In a special telecast gathering the industry's view on this, CNBC Awaaz talks...

Aspiring Minds releases National Employability Report - Engineers,2014

New Delhi, July 15,2014: The National Employability Report - Engineers 2014 has once again received massive media glare right after its public release. The report brings out interesting and thought provoking findings...

This budget goes to startups : Mint

New Delhi, July 14, 2014: Startups have clearly stolen the show in this fiscal's finance budget. With the government allocating Rs 10,000cr towards development of startups, the move has been taken very well...

The employability gap: NER engineers

Mumbai, July 07, 2014: The existing gap between the quantity of engineers entering the employment ecosystem each year and their employability has been concerning educationists, employers and policy makers since long now.

Mint mentions stats from National Employability Report

Bangalore, June 17, 2014: The quality of engineers being pumped into the system each year is definitely not at par with the quantity. The instance has again been highlighted this in JED-I awards this year.

Aspiring Minds venture into vocational skill assessment: ET

Hyderabad, June 10, 2014 : Skilling the labor force and offering them gainful employment has been the aim with which NSDC has been working since inception. ET explores Aspiring Minds role as a certification partner to NSDC.

Varun speaks to Bloomberg in its session - Lessons to Strategy

Mumbai, May 7, 2014 : Varun, co-founder and CTO, Aspiring Minds recently spoke to Bloomberg TV on an event focusing on strategies being adopted by emerging economies in terms of entrepreneurship.

Aspiring Minds announces list of colleges for National Employability Awards 2015

New Delhi, May 23, 2014: Aspiring Minds has announced the list of colleges to be awarded the National Employability Award 2015 for being among the Top 10% engineering campuses nationally or in their respective state. The awards started...

Why do employees get fired - HT

New Delhi, May 06, 2014: It takes a lot for companies to hire employees. Then why do they get fired? Where lies the gap? HT tries to understand the reasons for employees getting fired. Quoting Himanshu Aggarwal from Aspiring Minds, the daily...

AMCAT conducted at Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar

Jalandhar, April 28,2014: More than 4000 students at Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar appeared for AMCAT on 26th and 27th of April. The test was conducted for IT, engineering and management students at the college premises.

Aspiring Minds signs MoU with Bangalore University

Bangalore, April 12, 2014: Bangalore University has recently associated with Aspiring Minds for getting AMCAT conducted at the university. A memorandum of understanding has been signed by both parties in this regard.

Fixing the education system in the country: ZDnet

April 11, 2014: India has always maintained a glorious track record of producing some of the finest talents for the globe. However, it is unnerving to see engineers in huge numbers produced from the same country...

Aspiring Minds NER, Hotel Management Graduates, 2014 receives instant media glare

Aspiring Minds NER, Hotel Management Graduates, 2014 receives instant media glare

IBEF publishes Himanshu's perspectives on building Brand India

March 2014: In a detailed opinion piece from Himanshu Aggarwal, CEO, Aspiring Minds, Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) captures his views on Brand India building up. Indian economy seems to be having a frameshift in the last few years from addressing western markets earlier to focusing into domestic inefficiencies.

AMCAT conducted at IET, Alwar

Alwar, 16 March, 2014: Nearly 1000 students at IET, Alwar took AMCAT recently at their college. With the placement season at its peak, students are leaving no stones unturned to bag the best jobs in the industry.

Startups still not an aspirational goal for engineers: Aspiring Minds report

Delhi, March 03, 2014: The Aspiring Minds National Employability Report, Engineers 2014 has revealed that it is only a miniscule number of engineers who aspire to work for startups today. Despite the startup landscape in India seeing some credible upscale, it seems that there is still some more...

Aspiring Minds - Now a case study at MIT

February 19, 2014: MIT's Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship has developed a case study on Aspiring Minds. The case study is a beautifully constructed piece depicting the Aspiring Minds journey so far, right from inception. Aspiring Minds, the brainchild of Himanshu and Varun Aggarwal was started...

BW quotes Himanshu Aggarwal on the interim budget impact

February 17, 2014: The UPA government released the interim budget in the Parliament today. The move to add Rs. 1000 crore as funds to the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) has been received very well. BW quotes Himanshu Aggarwal's views on the same. "It is very encouraging to see the continued...

Aspiring Minds announces National Employability Awards 2014 for colleges assessed in last quarter

New Delhi, February 17, 2014: Aspiring Minds has announced the list of colleges, assessed in last quarter, to be awarded the National Employability Award 2014 for being among the Top 10% engineering campuses nationally or in their respective state. The awards started in 2012 by Aspiring Minds, are the only awards given on the basis...

Region wise employability numbers of engineers create hustle in media - NER, Engineers 2014

January 31, 2014: The recently released National Employability Report, Engineers-2014 by Aspiring Minds has gathered media glare from all over the country. While Delhi, Bihar, Punjab, Jharkhand etc rejoice for producing the most employable engineers of the country, Tamil Nadu, UP, Andhra are still battling in the back benches.

Rediff talks about ways to improve employability in students

anuary 28, 2014: Poor employability of students passing out of various degree streams is now a concern for all. While it is now known to all that a simple degree is probably not enough to get one a job, students and colleges are all striving upon improving themselves on every front.

Varun speaks at British Council's Global Education Dialogue

Mumbai, January 09, 2013: Varun, Co-founder, Aspiring Minds recently spoke at British Council's Global Education Dialogue series, held in Mumbai. The two day event by British Council focused on the central theme titled, "Higher Education and Employability: A new paradigm, a new challenge." The event saw the presence of key policy makers...

Spectrum features Aspiring Minds latest IT innovation

January 07, 2014: IEEE Spectrum features Aspiring Minds’ recent work on automated grading of computer programs. The story talks in detail about how the Aspiring Minds researchers put Artificial Intelligence (AI) approach involving machine learning for developing...

Nurturing talent is the need of the hour for India: Tarun Khanna

New Delhi, November 21, 2014: Aspiring Minds has been expanding globally across multiple geographies. In a conversation with Himanshu Aggarwal, Hindu Business Line talks about the global business...

Employability of graduates: a concern this year

New Delhi, December 26, 2013: As the year ends and we reminisce the happenings of this year, one of the most disturbing trend observed has been the poor employability trends of Indian graduates. The findings of the Aspiring Minds National Employability Report, Graduates, 2013...

Dainik Jagran features Aspiring Minds Women in Engineering Report

December 26, 2013: Why is the ratio of males to females so low? A concern that has now become a point of research and study worldwide. In this context, Dainik Jagran features a recent report by Aspiring Minds which aims to understand...

Gender divide in engineering, a concern: TOI

New Delhi, December 23, 2013: The low ratio of males to females in engineering courses is a matter of concern and study globally now. Times of India analyzes the recent study on the issue by Aspiring Minds, titled ‘Women in Engineering: A comparative study of barriers across Nations’ to figure... Read more

Teaching ranks lowest in preferred job category for aspirants

New Delhi, December 12, 2013: India today is looking up earnestly to have good educators in the education system. However, the dearth of good teachers seems to have no near end, given dismal aspirations harbored by the youth today in taking up teaching as a career option. Deccan Herald...

Financial Express covers job seekers' survey by Aspiring Minds

New Delhi, December 09, 2013: Financial Express features the Aspiring Minds job seekers' survey 2013-14 highlighting the trends and thoughts showcased by students in the dwindling times of the economic slump. Students have interestingly...

Careers360 features computer programming report by Aspiring Minds

December 07, 2013: India churns out lakhs of engineers every year. However, close to 30% of the CS/IT engineers are not equipped with even basic theoretical concepts of programming. Careers 360 magazine features this and many more stark findings...

Employability of MBA graduates at dismal low: DNA

Mumbai, December 01, 2013: MBA aspirants take up the course with scores of aspirations for the 'big dreamy' future. But after spending two years pursuing one of the most coveted courses, reality seems to bite them hard when they enter the workforce...

Slowdown promotes job flexibility: Asian Age

Mumbai, November 27, 2013: The global economic slowdown has made students more flexible in their job demands, quotes Asian Age on the basis of the latest Job Seekers’ Survey done by Aspiring Minds. The survey brings out many positives like flexibilities...

Is India's youth brigade being effectively groomed? HT

November 25, 2013: While India boasts of its demographic dividend being its biggest strength in the years to come, is its youth brigade being sufficiently groomed for the same? HT features an article citing several loopholes in the education system.

Finding the right talent for your startup - ET

New Delhi, November 15, 2013: Entrepreneurship is increasingly becoming a trend for India and is no longer the last retort. With more and more startups emerging in India, their share of challenges faced are also getting generalized. ET discusses the common hiring challenges these startups...

Indian Engineers battling in IT skills

November 14, 2013: The Aspiring Minds Learning Levels Report-Computer Programming, Engineers-2013 has received intense media glare nationally. With top notch publications like Times of India, Business Standard, Smart Investor etc picking it up as core stories, one fact that emerges clearly is that...

Engineering degree and engineering graduates: both losing sheen

November 10, 2013: The engineering degree seems to be losing its glamour from across the country. While on one hand, engineering colleges seem to be having no takers and seats going vacant, those who are passing out from these colleges are unable to find themselves jobs in the market.

The student standpoint on jobs during slowdown: ET

New Delhi, October 29, 2013: Amidst the dwindling job market owing to the global economic slowdown, understanding the pulse of job seekers and their mindset is very important. Economic Times highlights student sentiments in such times from findings of a recent survey conducted by Aspiring Minds...

Scientific American features Aspiring Minds' report on gender equity in engineering

October 24, 2013: Is engineering indeed a male dominant field of study? The concern and contrast has been a point of study in the west since long. A recent study by Aspiring Minds on comparative analysis of gender equity in engineering education, both in India and US shows interesting findings.

National Employability Conclave, Lucknow receives huge media glare

Lucknow, October 22, 2013: Aspiring Minds conducted National Employability Conclave at Lucknow recently. The conclave has received huge media attention from top notch media like Economic Times, TOI, Business Standard, HT and the likes. The key attention lay on the low employability skills...

Computer programming skills of engineers a concern: TOI

Lucknow, October 19, 2013: While IT continues to be the most preferred job sector for engineers today, the skills possessed by computer science/IT engineers to be able to be employable in the industry is leaving the recruiters aghast. TOI talks to Varun Aggarwal, CTO, Aspiring Minds and reveals...

HT analyzes latest computer programming report by Aspiring Minds

Mumbai, October 13, 2013: A job in the IT industry is one of the most preferred by engineers today and equally charged up are recruiters to find quality talent for the sector. However, a recent report by Aspiring Minds reveals that as many as 30% of CS/IT engineers are not well versed with the basic programming...

TOI interviews Himanshu Aggarwal on employability of Indian graduates

October 9, 2013: Employability status of Indian graduates has been getting media concerns for long. In yet another interview with Aspiring Minds CEO, Himanshu Aggarwal, TOI does a detailed analysis to understand the core reasons leading towards graduate unemployment...

Recession urges employers to hire experienced professionals: Dainik Jagran

New Delhi, October 8, 2013: The slowdown has led companies to take the bearish approach in terms of workforce hiring and deployment. Experienced professionals require lesser training than freshers and are hence considered more employable by recruiters. Citing an Aspiring Minds report, Dainik Jagran...

Mail Today features an article by Varun Aggarwal

New Delhi, October 8, 2013: "If you are ready to learn, a job waits you"- says Varun Aggarwal,co-founder Aspiring Minds. In an article with the Mail Today Varun shares his views on the barriers that hurdle the path of a job seeker to his dream job and ways to overcome them. He emphasizes on knowing...

Aspiring Minds announces list of colleges for National Employability Awards 2014

New Delhi, October 3, 2013: Aspiring Minds has announced the list of colleges to be awarded the National Employability Award 2014 for being among the Top 10% engineering campuses nationally or in their respective state. The awards started in 2012 by Aspiring Minds, are the only awards given on the basis...


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