Our scientific assessment solutions are designed to cut-through the recruitment challenges of the Agriculture & Machinery sector.

The Need

Agriculture & Machinery is a wide & highly unorganised sector. Moreover, it is not at all the obvious choice for recruiting top quality talent. Which is why, scientifically evaluating a candidate before hiring is of utmost importance for any company. In addition, the sector also requires a heady mix of multidisciplinary talent, right from the blue collared farmers to white collared scientists.

Our Solution

Keeping in mind the recruitment challenges of the Agriculture & Machinery sector, we’ve designed our scientific assessments in a way that they touch all the levels of the workforce. This includes from unskilled farmers to semi-skilled technicians to highly-skilled scientists & engineers. For example, our assessment module for farmers evaluates them on a wide range of domain skills like soil, testers, pesticides, & fertilizers.

Our assessment solution for the Agriculture & Machinery sector comprises of the following modules:- • Tea Plantation Worker • Paddy Farmer • Banana Farmer • Gardener • Dairy Worker • Logical Ability • Workplace Health and Safety

Impact in the Industry

Agriculture & Machinery is a huge sector and is also major contributor in the development of many economies. Which is why, the requirement of quality talent is fairly large and decentralised. But our scientific & scalable assessments have ensured that good talent doesn’t get missed out and the sector thrives forward on a merit based ecosystem.

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