Our scientific assessments will funnel your recruitment process so that you can find the right candidates that are suited for Automotive Engineering.


Any job role in Automotive Engineering involves an inter-play of various other engineering disciplines along with a specialisation in other aspects of manufacturing like polymer technology, paint technology, metallurgical engineering and more. Apart from domain expertise, this industry also needs a very strong sales and customer support workforce. In addition, an Automotive Engineering company also has a heady mix of blue collar and white collar jobs. This means, that a person with certain skill sets and personality traits might make a great production engineer but might just be an average supervisor. Clearly, finding the right person for the right job is tough in this industry.


Our AMCAT suite for Automotive Engineering includes a comprehensive set of assessments which evaluates candidates across competencies required to succeed in the manufacturing and automotive industry. Cognitive and behavioural skills together with domain knowledge are automatic choices for pre-hiring assessment for manufacturing profiles.

Here’s a sample list of our assessment modules for AMCAT for Automotive Engineering: • Automotive Engineering • Chemical Engineering • Industrial Engineering • Instrumentation Engineering • Production and Industrial Engineering • Workplace Health and Safety • Sales Competency Test • Critical Reasoning • Shop Floor Manager Situational Judgment Test • Customer Service Situational Judgment Test

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We recommend a combination of these plug-and-play modules depending on the job role and the targeted supply. AMCAT for Automotive Engineering has been used successfully to hire fresh talent for entry roles such as sales, customer service, desk operations and various factory work related roles.


The capability to hire trainable candidates i.e. to pick raw talent and craft them into a successful Automotive Engineering professional through internal training is the key to success for any entry level hiring program. For being able to ensure 100% training success one needs to hire the right candidates. Estimates predict each training failure costs the company anywhere between 1.5 to 2.5 times the annual compensation.

An Automotive Engineering professional's job success depends on both functional competence and behavioural skills. Functionally competent professionals are expected to be good at problem solving and selling skills. The candidate's soft-skills determine the ability to comprehend instructions, plan his tasks and communicate with clients and colleagues.


AMCAT certified candidate database together with on-campus delivery of AMCAT for Automotive Engineering provides a complete sourcing solution for corporate companies. It can be combined with the organization’s entry level campus hiring program and deployed across the world for on-campus assessments.


On August 2010, over 22,000 engineers were assessed on computers at 5 locations in 3 days. A total of 1,800 offers were made. Aspiring Minds is working with some of the largest Automotive Engineering organisations in the world. We have helped our clients hire quality resources in a matter of few days. What’s more, our client solutions team can build customized solutions as per your needs. And, with a global India presence, we can help you with sourcing, evaluating and hiring talent from all across the world.

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