Our scientific assessment solutions are designed to cut-through the recruitment challenges of the Aviation sector.

The Need

From aerospace engineers to ground staff to air hostesses, the Aviation sector requires people with varied skill sets & traits. Which is why, there is a dire need in the industry for a scientific assessment that can objectively evaluate people for different job roles.

Our Solution

Keeping in mind the recruitment challenges of the Aviation sector, we’ve designed our scientific assessments in a way that they can help you find the right people for the almost all job roles within the industry. For example, we have dedicated assessment modules for evaluating the competencies for the job of a warehousing representative, a telecom engineer, a ground staff person and many more.

Our assessment solution for the Aviation sector comprises of the following modules:- • Information Gathering and Synthesis • AMCAT English Comprehension • Customer Service Situational Judgment Test • Mechanical Engineering • Telecommunication Engineering • Food and Beverage Services • SVAR • AMPI

Impact in the Industry

Aviation is a huge sector and is also major contributor in the development of many economies. Which is why, the requirement of quality talent is fairly large and decentralised. But our scientific & scalable assessments have ensured that good talent doesn’t get missed out and the sector thrives forward on a merit based ecosystem.

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