Pre-employment tests for the education industry. Hire the best teaching staff with all the right skills.

Reduce turnover and improve the performance and productivity of your staff. Accurately measure cognitive abilities, personality traits and motivation before you hire using AI powered simulations, tests and video.

Make smarter hiring decisions for your school

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Assess aptitude, skill, personality and potential without bias and achieve greater diversity.

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Optimize recruiting and identify the best candidates faster. Interview the best candidates.

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Deliver an engaging candidate experience with shorter tests and life-life interactions - anytime, anywhere.

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Hire the best teachers and staff the first time. Reduce turnover and save money.

Hire for a variety of educational roles


Office administrator


Teaching assistants

Lecturers and instructors



Assistant Professors

Assess the essential traits of high performing teachers


Scientifically valid assessments test for the ‘right’ personality, cognitive, language and functional skills


SJTs with real world situations test teaching skills including pedagogy, classroom handling, giving feedback, etc


Choose pre-hire assessments for a wide variety of roles including tutors, assistants, teachers, office admin, and more


Assess motivation and behavioral traits to reduce early attrition while improving talent quality


Combine our automated video interviewing with mobile ready, anywhere anytime assessments

Designing Testathons

Measure traits that are strong predictors of job performance and turnover such as analytical thinking, initiative, adaptability, etc

Aspiring Minds Teach (SJT)

SJT testing the candidate on situation handling in classroom, while giving feedback, etc.

Assess candidates using real-life decision-making capabilities that arise in teaching roles

Highly reliable and accurate scoring methodology that uses unique ‘most-likely’ and ‘least-likely’ responses to grade candidate skills


Personality & Motivation Inventories

The most validated Big-5 personality evaluation to determine the right behaviors for job success

Motivation inventory to help determine drive, predict retention and success

Validated for 100s of job roles, mobile ready, short quick assessments to help find the right talent.

Test logical ability, analytical skills, critical reasoning, attention-to-detail, and information gathering and synthesis

Highly reliable, secure assessments with statistically benchmarked large question banks

Use Item Response Theory (IRT) based adaptive tests, statistically validated across 100+ job roles

candidates evaluated annually
clients globally
Fortune-500 customers

Take the guesswork out of hiring

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