Acquiring a standardised quality of talent is the key to success for any hospitality business. Our assessment solutions help you do just that.


Customer orientation, team work, self management, handling pressure and more are the key drivers of success for any individual working in the Hospitality industry. This means that the key driver for success of any organisation has to be its consistent ability to measure and evaluate these qualities objectively through scientific assessments.


Our AMCAT suite for the Hospitality industry is a comprehensive assessment covering competencies required for various roles in the hospitality industry. The test provides inputs for selecting talent for roles spanning Food & Beverage (F&B), Front Office, Sales, House Keeping, chef and more. The assessments can help you evaluate talent at the time of recruitment as well as assign appropriate roles for the acquired talent.

Here’s a sample list of our assessment modules for AMCAT for Hospitality: • AMPI • AMCAT English Comprehension • Customer Service Situational Judgment Test • SVAR • Food and beverage service • Housekeeping • Front Office • Chef

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While in some roles self discipline, team work and quality orientation is important, in some customer orientation, sales orientation and communication skills take precedence. Basis the evaluation of various competencies required for success in a particular role, AMCAT produces a comprehensive report predicting role fitment of the candidate to hospitality specific roles. The assessment provides granular scores for all competencies relevant to particular roles and also makes objective recommendations to strongly consider, consider or not consider the candidate for a particular role.


AMCAT for Hospitality has been benchmarked against actual performance of the Hotel staff. The assessment results show strong correlation to performance ensuring effective prediction of performance across profiles. For example, in a particular study, performance has seen a very significant correlation to competencies like customer centricity, self-discipline and ability to handle pressure.

Talent-benchmarking study of Food & Beverage personnel at a pan-India restaurant chain showed that the AMCAT suite for Hospitality can increase high-performers by 66%.


The AMCAT suite for Hospitality can be delivered on-campus anywhere in the world! Our on-campus process is end-to-end and provides tools for managing applicant data, generating invites, conducting on-campus computer based assessments, short-listing candidates, interview tracking and issue of offer letters. Companies looking to hire hotel management graduates can shortlist candidates from based on their AMCAT Hospitality scores and invite them for interviews.


We work with hotels, resorts, restaurants to help them recruit in a fully managed way. Helping manage applicants online and offline, scheduling them for assessments, coordinating interviews and assisting them in joining – we can help you recruit the right workforce for your existing or upcoming properties. The process ensures consistent quality of recruits along with ease of end-to-end managed services. AMCAT Hospitality can also be deployed for walk–in assessments to ensure a quality consistent selection process and reduce possibilities of hiring potential "low performers". These assessments can be delivered over the Internet in your office or at our centres across the country.


Talent-benchmarking study of Food & Beverage personnel at a pan-India restaurant chain showed that the AMCAT suite for Hospitality can increase high-performers by 66%.

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