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Candidate evaluation and interviewing tools - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Comprehensive set of candidate evaluation and interviewing tools powered by AI.

Scientifically validated, reliable and fair assessments - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Scientifically validated, reliable and fair assessments meet EEOC requirements.

Updated & large question banks - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Continuously updated, large question banks keep your process up to date.

Artificial Intelligence in Hiring - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) evaluates programming like a human without potential bias.


The world’s largest e-commerce provider relies on Aspiring Minds' Automata coding platform to build a fair and scalable talent evaluation process for software engineers.

Build a better technology team faster

Don't screen out the best tech talent - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Don't screen out the best tech talent

AI helps Increase the number of qualified candidates by 25%.

Increase diversity & candidate reach - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Increase diversity & candidate reach

Automate to improve diversity and reach 4x more candidates.

Engaging, stress-free Hiring experience - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Engaging, stress-free experience

A balanced mix of application-based questions, familiar coding environment and live interview.

Dramatically increase speed to hire - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Dramatically increase speed to hire

AI screens candidates first so you spend time only with the most qualified candidates.

One Platform. Three Amazing Tools.

Re-imagine how to evaluate technology skills and knowledge with three powerful tools.

  • Live coding interviewing platform with an interactive and collaborative programming environment, video streaming, chat, and whiteboard.
  • Preconfigure or add questions on-the-fly, record real-time feedback and suggest hints.
  • Record and replay the entire interview including audio and video to share with colleagues.
  • AI powered real-time feedback on candidate’s code and analysis of candidate’s state-of-mind.
  • Reach talent anywhere with convenience, making remote interviewing as interactive as possible.

Automata: AI-Powered Coding Simulations

Automata - AI-Powered Coding Simulations for Hiring - Aspiring Minds (Product Screenshot)
  • Realistic coding simulations in over 40 different programming languages in a familiar IDE environment.
  • Comprehensive evaluation and objective scoring on code correctness, programming practices, and coding efficiency.
  • AI grades code like an interviewer, calibrates for silly coding errors and grades uncompiled programs so you won’t accidently miss great programmers.
  • Test new graduates or experienced candidates with pre-defined tests, large, validated question banks and the flexibility to author your own questions.
  • Comprehensive reports with code replay, anti-cheating technology, plagiarism checks and automated proctoring to ensure the integrity of every test.

Automata for Data Science & Engineering Simulations

Automata for Data Science & Engineering Simulations for Hiring - Aspiring Minds (Product Screenshot)
  • Simulation to evaluate candidates on their data engineering, science and machine learning skills using R or Python.
  • Well-crafted questions to evaluate various aspects of data science and date engineering.
  • Combine the simulation with tests for associated products such as Hadoop, Spark, Mongodb, Tableau , and more.
Automata for Data Science & Engineering Simulations for Hiring - Aspiring Minds (Product Screenshot)

IT Skills Library - Large. Validated. Current.

IT Skills Library - Large, Validated & Current for Hiring - Aspiring Minds (Product Screenshot)
  • Reliably evaluate candidates for hundreds of technical skills across legacy and emerging technologies.
  • Thousands of continuously updated questions for 200+ IT skills including Front End, DevOps, Full-stack, Back End, Data Science, QA and many more.
  • Constantly updating and developing new skills tests to reflect the latest technologies so your recruiting process is always current.
  • Detailed reports with scores and sub-scores give recruiters and interviewers the insights they need to match talent.
  • Combine with our award-winning cognitive, personality, behavioral and motivational assessments to identify long-term, high performing employees.

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