Pre-hire assessments for Manufacturing – Quality & Efficiency

Assessments across roles – Hourly workers, supervisors, office staff

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Simplify hiring while ensuring quality and efficiency


Ensure high quality talent across the organization – on the shop floor or in office


Automate hiring of hourly workers, supervisors in plants with right mechanical aptitude, personality and skills


Technology and engineering assessments ensure we have the right development and quality assurance folks


Substantial savings in hiring cost and time and an engaging candidate experience


Motivation and behavior profile to reduce early attrition while improving talent quality

Pre-hiring Tests for Manufacturing Professionals

Hourly workers




Technology Analyst

Production Technician

Mechanical Aptitude Test

Measure candidates mechanics concepts such as pulleys, levers and gears

Test candidates on Kinematics concepts such as motion, momentum and inertia

Evaluate candidates on the understanding of force, gravity, friction and rotation

Test candidate on the concepts related to Thermodynamics, fluids, density and pressure


Workplace Health and Safety – Industrial

Test candidates on their knowledge of first aid and emergency safety guidelines

Evaluate candidates on their understanding of the machine, tools, and chemical safety

Measure the candidate’s awareness of personal hygiene and cleanliness

Personality & Motivation Inventories

The most validated Big-5 personality evaluation to determine the right behaviors for job success

Motivation inventory to help determine drive, predict retention and success

Validated for 100s of job roles, mobile ready, short quick assessments to help find the right talent.

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cognitive-1-1024x817 (1)

Cognitive Tests

Test logical ability, analytical skills, critical reasoning, attention-to-detail, and information gathering and synthesis

Highly reliable, secure assessments with statistically benchmarked large question banks

Use Item Response Theory (IRT) based adaptive tests, statistically validated across 100+ job roles.


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