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Retail is a customer facing industry. It is the interaction between a retail associate &a customer that majorly drives sales in the business. Needless to say, recruiting top-quality talent is utmost important for any company. Moreover, the industry has a unique challenge of not requiring its workforce to possess any particular education or skill to succeed at the job. Which is why, there is no shortage of potential candidates in the job market. But the real challenges lies in finding employable ones & mapping their abilities. Also, retail companies need to have presence in multiple locations. This means that a lot of talent has to be hired locally across various stores.

Retail giant experiences 60% surge in high performers in Customer Service specialist role using AMCAT.


The AMCAT suite for Retail includes a comprehensive set of assessments which evaluates candidates across competencies required to succeed in the Retail industry. The adaptive and standardized assessment suite gives you an insight about a person’s trainability, communication skills, logical ability and other important competencies.

Here’s a sample list of our assessment modules for AMCAT for Retail:

• Customer Service Situational Judgment Test • Sales Competency Test • AMCAT English Comprehension • Workplace Health and Safety • AM Start • Retail Sales Aptitude • Retail Merchandiser • Store Operations Assistant • In-store Promoter

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We recommend a combination of these plug-and-play modules depending on the job role and targeted supply. The AMCAT suite for Retail has been used successfully to recruit floor associates, team leaders and department managers for multiple roles including Cashiers, UPC, General, Electronics, Grocery, Fruits and Vegetables, Cash Office, MIS etc.


From a cashier to a MIS manager to a warehousing executive, there are multiple roles within a retail company. The capability to predict the right job-fit for a candidate can help check forced attrition besides contributing to the success of the store. A Retail associate's job success depends on the aptitude, personality type and ability to manage customers in retail environment. The level of competencies and skills required vary according to role. For retail associates who stand in aisle, it is their personality which matters more in defining job success, as they should be agreeable, willing to talk to customers and help them proactively.On the other hand, for a MIS manager, it is their cognitive skills that matter more than personality. Similarly, for a cashier, its mix of both as the person needs to be good at numbers as well as in customer interaction.


We provide assistance to new and upcoming stores in arranging recruitment location, managing applicants, scheduling them for assessments, & coordinating interviews. The end to end process can help you recruit the right workforce for your organization. For replacement hiring which is an ongoing process, the AMCAT suite for Retail is available online and can be delivered at the store itself. With real-time results available over MIS and SMS, you can conduct a smooth and standardized recruitment process.

Case Studies

A benchmarking study done at one of the largest retail company in India showed that by using the AMCAT Retail assessment suite as a screening tool at the time of hiring would increase the high performing CSS (Customer Service Specialist) by 60%.

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