Fair and reliable pre-employment tests for all your retail positions.

Using a perfect mix of AI and psychometrics, easily automate and standardize retail recruiting to improve employee retention and productivity. Assess culture fit, attitude and abilities and hire retail associates, store managers and logistic teams with the most potential. Learn more. 

Hire best-fit employees and reduce turnover


Validated assessments of cognitive, behavior and skills to staff your stores


Fully automated, deployable at scale solution to reach every store, every candidate


Truly anywhere anytime assessments with automated proctoring, mobile ready


Standardize talent quality and hire folks more likely to stay and perform!


SJTs with real world animated situations to test candidates’ soft skills, customer centric competencies


Role specific assessments for associates, store managers, customer service, logistics

Pre-employment Tests for a Variety of Retail Roles

Retail Manager


Sales Associates

Assistant Store Manager

Store Managers

Stock Room Clerks

Sales Representatives

Warehouse Associate

Retail Sales Aptitude

Evaluate in-store work and service management skills of a candidate

Test candidate skills on store and customer management

Assess store sales representatives on their selling skills


Retail Situational Judgment Test

Evaluate retail managers on competencies such as selling skills, customer service orientation, problem-solving, planning, and communication

Assess retail managers on their day-to-day managerial responsibilities such as team, customer and tasks management

Get suggestions on the weak areas of the candidate that requires probing in the interview round

Personality & Motivation Inventories

The most validated Big-5 personality evaluation to determine the right behaviors for job success

Motivation inventory to help determine drive, predict retention and success

Validated for 100s of job roles, mobile ready, short quick assessments to help find the right talent.

motivation (2)
customer-1 (1)

Customer Service Situational Judgment Tests

Evaluate ‘customer centricity’ and ‘customer expectation management’ that are critical drivers of high CSAT scores

Assess retail managers on their day-to-day managerial responsibilities such as team, customer and tasks management

Highly reliable and accurate scoring methodology that uses unique ‘most-likely’ and ‘least-likely’ responses to grade candidate skills

Sales Situation Judgment Test

Evaluate proactive selling skills such as persuasiveness, articulation, credibility building of a salesperson

Assess customer service orientation in handling customer queries, understanding customer needs, and delivering the sales pitch

Engaging, mobile ready, animated game like situations to measure multiple competencies

cognitive-1 (2)

Test logical ability, analytical skills, critical reasoning, attention-to-detail, and information gathering and synthesis

Highly reliable, secure assessments with statistically benchmarked large question banks

Use Item Response Theory (IRT) based adaptive tests, statistically validated across 100+ job roles

candidates evaluated annually
clients globally
Fortune-500 customers

Take the guesswork out of hiring

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