CodeMeet: AI-powered live coding interview platform.

Digitize the technical interview round. Deliver an engaging and realistic interview experience to candidates remotely.

Hire best programmers faster using CodeMeet – AI-powered online coding interview platform.

Improve recruiters productivity - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Improve recruiters productivity

Save on time, money and resources spent to manage face-to-face interview interactions.

Deliver engaging candidate experience - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Deliver engaging candidate experience

Enhance the experience of virtual technical interviews by providing a coding environment along with in-person interview experience.

AI-assisted Technical Interview - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

AI-assisted Technical Interview

CodeMeet provides AI-assisted insights on candidate's code to help recruiters make right hiring decisions.

Enable collaborative hiring - Aspiring Minds (Icon)

Enable collaborative hiring

Track and collate feedback without any hassle. Share interview recording, scores and feedback with other hiring managers to collectively take hiring decision.


Simplify Tech Hiring with AI enabled coding interview platform

Digitize technical interviews with CodeMeet – a live coding interview tool built for hiring

Digitize technical interviews - Aspiring Minds (Product Screenshot)
  • Interview in a realistic coding environment - IDE, 50+ programming languages, 100s of coding problems or add your own question
  • Conduct interactive coding interviews with help of live video, chat, whiteboard and hints just like an in-person interview
  • Conduct one-to-one, panel or group interviews of upto 10 candidates

Standardize Coding Interviews with CodeMeet – an online coding interview platform

  • Pre-define questions and evaluation parameters to consistently evaluate across recruiters
  • AI-powered coding insights that highlight stylistic errors, multi-line, and single line code insertions in real-time
  • Review any aspect of the interview – code, interaction, chat, comments, whiteboard to identify the best programmer
Standardize Coding Interviews - Aspiring Minds (Product Screenshot)

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