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Job Credentialing

We pioneer the science of matching skills
to success in job roles.

Map skills
to employment outcomes

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We predict the
employment status and
salary of candidate based
on their AMCAT scores

Find skills required to
perform well in a job

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We test current employees
in a job role and find which
test scores predict

Find skills that help people
succeed in training

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We test candidate at start
of training to find what
prerequisite skills are
required to learn

We have developed a validated taxonomy of 1100+ job
roles with required skills and levels
Job Credentials

Millions of candidate put their AMCAT credentials on their public profile and resumes submitted to employer and job boards.

View sample AMCAT certificate

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Success profile

We have validated success profiles for 100s of job roles. Companies use these to hire effectively.

Find success profile for different jobs

Talent benchmarking

We use data science to find the right test modules and score benchmark for different job roles to help companies improve organizational efficiency by 30-60%

Refer our case studies

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A jobseeker with an AMCAT English and Logical score higher
by 100 points each and domain percentile up by 10 points has 54% higher
odds of getting job - Source : Which engineer gets a job.

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