Comprehending, writing or speaking, our tools cover all aspects of English evaluation and are ideal for both benchmarking quality and analysing training needs.

Familiarity with English in its various nuances is an essential skill, especially in the current scenario of global networking. Ideally, any recruitment should involve a test of skills in handling the language in ways that promote the objectives of a company and establish desired rapport.


Only 57% engineers can write grammatically correct sentences in English.

Our English Language assessments are used extensively by industry and academia to evaluate and benchmark written and spoken English skills of individuals. Extensive benchmarking studies done by our research teams have also shown strong correlation of AMCAT English to effective business communication, soft skill trainability and client interaction.

We have a pool of three assessments to evaluate different aspects of written & spoken English:



SVAR (Hindi for 'Musical Note') is our state-of-the-art automated spoken English assessment tool that helps you to evaluate a candidate on his/her pronunciation, fluency, intonation, listening, language anticipation and spoken English understanding. The test meets international reliability standards and is being used extensively by the industry to evaluate spoken English suitability for roles ranging from international voice processes to internal communication. SVAR enables automatic evaluation of a candidate's attempt at it using voice synthesis technology and bears very high correlation with manual raters. SVAR finds applicability in global business processes, corporate sales and servicing, hospitality and in education & training. It is accurate for neutral, native and foreign accents.

We have also developed a number of variants of SVAR that are being widely used in various parts of the world:

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