Aspiring Minds Launches AI-assisted Live Interviewing Technology to Revolutionize Talent Evaluation

Aspiring Minds will showcase its one of a kind AI powered interviewing technology – SmartMeet at SHRM Annual Conference & Expo 2019 on June 23-26th.

SmartMeet, an AI-powered Live Interviewing tool is designed to deliver a real-life interview experience on your computer or laptop. Whether using this live interviewing platform for a conversational interview or to evaluate architects, coders or finance professionals, the platform’s powerful AI enables real-time feedback to help recruiters and interviewers ask more relevant questions during the interview, while giving candidates a collaborative, engaging interview experience in the comfort of their home.

SmartMeet Live Interviewing Technology

SmartMeet provides interviewers with a collaboration environment using video, audio conferencing, whiteboard, chat and most importantly access to role relevant, pre-defined and structured set of questions to help them conduct a comprehensive and efficient interview. AI powered real time feedback on what to ask next and candidate’s state of mind take SmartMeet to the next level. The platform allows interviewers to take point-in-time notes and submit feedback in a structured manner. Using the full-blown record and replay feature interviewers and recruiters can revisit the entire interaction and review the notes and feedback making the process extremely efficient.

“SmartMeet is part of our suite of AI powered Talent Evaluation tools. Aspiring Minds continues to innovate and lead the talent assessment, matching and interviewing space with cutting edge technology. It will be a breeze for our customers to plug and playvarious components – assessments, video assessments, interviewing and more to build their ideal recruitment process. I believe SmartMeet and CodeMeet – the coding avatar of SmartMeet will revolutionize how organizations engage with candidates”, said Himanshu Aggarwal, Co-Founder & CEO Aspiring Minds.

Standardized, remote interviews

“A reliable standardized interview is a key component that adds predictive validity to any thorough selection process,” said Dr. Fred Rafilson, Aspiring Minds’ Chief I/O Psychologist. “SmartMeet is an excellent realistic solution that allows for the interview to be conducted remotely. For a long time, employers have struggled to assess both soft and hard skills in a way that truly predicts job performance and a person’s potential for success.”

With over a decade of experience pioneering AI-powered talent evaluation technology and delivering measurable results to companies worldwide, Aspiring Minds talent evaluation solutions help companies in all industries to improve quality of hire, dramatically improve speed to hire, and deliver an engaging candidate experience. Visit the team at SHRM Annual Conference & Expo, Booth #725, attend our SHRM presentation on June 23rd at 5:45pm or reserve your demo.

About Aspiring Minds

Founded in 2008 by Himanshu Aggarwal and Varun Aggarwal, Aspiring Minds continues to innovate in the talent matching, assessment and interviewing field using artificial intelligence (AI), psychometrics, machine-learning and statistics. Blending the power of AI with the science of psychometrics optimizes the hiring process through an engaging candidate experience. Talent professionals can easily mix and match from a comprehensive portfolio of assessments to measure cognitive abilities, personality traits, language proficiency, and functional skills. Predictive analytics identify high-performing, long-term candidates to take the guesswork out of hiring. Our talent evaluation solutions are used across all industries and are administered to 5M+ candidates annually in over 3,000 companies worldwide including over 100 Fortune-500. Learn how AI powered talent evaluations can power your hiring strategy at


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