Talent Prism - Volume 16 July 15th 2012 | Aspiring Minds
Talent Prism - Volume 16 July 15th 2012
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Leadership: Like Wine In A Cellar

"Some believe that leaders are born with leadership traits. Others think that traits can be imbibed through education or that situations make leaders." Says Aparna Sharma, Director-HR, UCB India Pvt. Ltd.

Cover Story

Does Forced Choice Personality Test Provide a More Accurate Measurement of Personality for Job Selection

A Forced Choice personality test is less susceptible to 'faking' and can be a more accurate predictor of candidate's personality. The test forces test taker to to choose/ rank among two or more equally positive or negative options.
Recent Updates

Aspiring Minds Launches AMCAT Modules on Production Engineering and Polymer Technology

Aspiring Minds has added two new modules - Production Engineering and Polymer Technology to its suite of assessments in the engineering space.

Aspiring Minds Launches SimProg 1.0- Simulated Computer Programming Module

We are proud to announce the launch of SimProg1.0, Aspiring Minds' Simulated Programming Assessment. The assessment allows evaluation of actual programming skills of a candidate, giving the candidate an opportunity to write the program in an editor, compile and run test cases, all in the assessment environment itself.
Featured Profile

Technology Consultant

Technology Consultant is a professional who renders her / his expert advice on technology related issues. His area of expertise could be information systems design, software programming and development, information business strategies, system analysis etc.

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